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Old Jun 27, 2019   #1
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Loli is rather an ass than a ES member.
Loli just changed a valuable server rule (minbelt) during an Etourney, only to have fun of another player. That was the reason why most players who pinged couldnt reconnect to the server (jk there were only 4 or 5 players left to play and i was the only one who pinged).



Not posting to the staff complaints because i don't really want Loli to be punished for this. I had enough fun at the tourney. But I still can't leave such an incompetence unattended.
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Did you ping in queue or while spectating?

Changing the min belt is a common tactic ES employs to prevent people from joining tournaments on alts and making a fool of themselves for the meager amount of attention a ban/mute provides.

Need help? PM me!
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Yeah, this was completely my mistake and I'll take full blame.

This was mostly me being irresponsible/careless, and I apologize for any inconvenience.
I'll consider this a lesson to myself.

(I host a lot of tourneys, I'm bound to be a fuck up at some point)
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lold, amazing
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24/07/2019. I'll find you again my friend.
Replay thread thing
Have any reports or issues?

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