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Recently I started tricking in xspar.tbm and have been trying to full twist. I swing my arms up and over, using pecs and chest but I haven't been able to get more than a 180 spin. Any ideas?
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If you could provide us with a replay of you attempting to do it we would be able to help you way better.
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yeah I could help if you show a replay. are you getting low before or just trying to do it. I recommend getting lower so you can gather more momentum... but that's just a theory a... toribash theory
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Old Oct 13, 2017   #4
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Here ya go.
A replay of a failed attempt
Attached Files
File Type: rpl back full attempt.rpl (30.3 KB, 9 views)

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Sboy~ you had the idea right, you just waited too long to do the jump. Message me on the forums I will get ingame with you and help you out friend.
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Absolutely love the start, try getting a little lower and use your legs to force your tori higher in order to gain enough air to land on your feet.
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I recommend rather then getting these small tid bits go find a tutorial.
Get familiarized with the tutorial and tutorial request threads.
The tutorial thread is where you find tutorials. The request tutorial thread is where you request a tutorial to be made or presented to you.
For example, there are already tutorials on tricking. SO if you go in the request tutorial thread and ask for a tricking tutorial someone will give you a link to a tutorial made on tricking.
Here is a tutorial on tricking. Next time I recommend using the threads I have just discussed.
The main tutorials I found were outdated so here are some tut vids.
Usually, there are current tutorials available at all times.
I am going to give you a bunch of videos that should help you.
Most of the times rather than youtube the forums previously mentioned threads are your best bet.
Basic Knowledge Tutorial
Basic Backflip Tutorial
Cork Tutorial
Advanced Tricking Tutorial

For further references go to the toribash tricktionary to interact with fellow trickers and further your understanding.
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