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Times are hard
Venezuela is at a breaking point. We are about to start boiling, and millions of people will succumb to the suffering imposed unto us by a dictatorial government that has no desire to step aside and leave their power positions.

I have personally endured raids, protests, attacks, I have spent days through total blackouts, just today I spent 12 hours with no power and I am typing this with the fear that at any minute it will go again, just like it's happened before. I have friends in Caracas that have gone over 2 days with no power, and the excitement that only a glimmer of electricity for an hour and a half caused him was the pinnacle of a miserable, broken down people that will accept any crumbs that may fall, because they've gotten used to it.

The people of Venezuela are each day becoming more like Stalin's chicken; after being plucked alive and being left in a puddle of its own blood, as long as you offer it some corn, it will run toward you again, to quote the man that brought the fable upon himself, "People are like this chicken. It doesn't matter how much pain you inflict on them. The moment you offer them what they need, they will still follow you and turn to you for their survival" and it is a sad day when I realize more and more how true it is.

What is happening in Venezuela is a systematic Holodomor like it was in Russia, if people can't even step forward from the very first steps of Maslow's hierarchy of needs, how can they care about socioeconomic issues and government turmoil? people care about surviving, the starving cro-magnon simply has no time to care about social influence or power.

I am writing this because I don't know how many days this suffering will continue. The light just went out and I have to end this quickly. I will upload this through my phone data.

I wanted this to be out there. Today the vehicle I was in was ambushed by over 10 men with their faces covered, machetes and stones in hands, I could get away, I didn't even get robbed, I was left unscathed thank some unholy force that has brought me the misery to have to live through this crisis. I won't die, nobody has to worry about that, but hundreds have died just these few days because of the electrical issues.

Just how many more have to die before we get intervened? the government has turned their backs on the people for years now.

Please don't support idiotic movements like hands off venezuela, please don't listen to that fucking muslim congresswoman or ocasio-cortez, they have no idea what the fuck is happening here. Not Roger Waters, not those fucking anti-trump soyboys that think Venezuela is a paradise. They have never set foot in here, they learned where this was a month ago, and learned what was happening through a Vox video.

This is not about politics anymore, how many deaths will it take before people realize that this is no Sim City where they can test a political doctrine or social belief without meaningful casualties or repercussions, Venezuela is not socialist, but that still gives no room to try to make this a case of whether capitalism is bad, or socialism is bad, this is simply a murderous government turning its few weak, old, feeble-minded soldiers into cannon fodder, and their people into victims of multiple war crimes that have been well documented, we are under a torturous tyranny. There are hundreds of videos about everything they've done, and now what they're doing is cutting our electricity so we cannot even charge our phones to record what may be happening, we have no internet connection, and we are uninformed. We had to plug in the fucking analog old as fuck phone just to talk to people because as there is no power, the lines are dead, data is scarce at best, and I'm talking about the whole nation, my state is one of the best ones at the moment.

Times are very dire here in Venezuela, maybe I'll spend another 12 hours in pitch darkness at best, I had an hour of electricity and I could turn on my laptop and type half of this with the lights on. Now I'll have to say goodbye for at least a couple more days.

I am eating, unlike many, many people. I am well, unlike many others, the only thing I have right now is a stomach infection because the water is untreated, even boiled it still carries on infected bacteria, I haven't had running water for almost a week, I'll keep this thread updated whenever I can, as to not go insane and chronicle this, for myself, and for whomever wants to read.

I'll keep spamming this board as long as I'm able to, but if I don't reply anymore, consider the worst, please, at least ironically:

I had to end with a joke, just for myself, so I wouldn't fucking cry

To whomever may be reading this: sadly, all of this is true, and happening to me, not to anybody else. Worst thing is I have it so good you guys wouldn't imagine.

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Embarrassing situation over there. Stay strong ale <3<3<3
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Holy shit, thats most fucked up. Keep fighting my nibba
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don't know what to say other than sorry, and i hope this is fixed somehow
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all we can do is hope things will get better i hope they do
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Yo Ale I know how u feel bro, I am from Ukraine...
I left Ukraine for studying and probably I can't feel all your pain but I understand what is that when you get fucked by some fucktards on the top of "food chain" neither being fucked from both sides and when nobody gives a fuck about your country.
What can I say man? Stay strong. If it will not kill you - it will NOT - you'll become stronger. Sadly I don't know your personally and can say much.
We are here to hear you, man. Probably you know what to do better than us but if we can help you with a word or something like that - we'll surely do as much as we can.

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What a fucking shame. It sucks seeing people who are always trying to be funny be serious for once.

Politics is a joke
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Unfortunately they may be clowns but not a joke cuz they rule a country.
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love u all I have power again, went out today for 11 hours, holy shit I hope I can at least download some epic music before it goes down again.

Let me summarize: Chávez was a huge asshole with terrible, terrible socialist ideas that only seemed to work for him because of the marvelous oil bonanza that was going on at the time that he was president; times were bad when he was on power, but not so bad because oil was like $100 a barrel, and, as Venezuela suffers from the Dutch disease, this was pretty good for it.

Chávez died, very close to my bday actually, it was my bday present lmao, and he handpicked Maduro to be his successor, now, why would people vote for and ultimately elect the heir of a government that was pretty shitty for the people? firstly, Chávez DID have a following, and people would trust his offer to elect Maduro, but secondly and most importantly, the National Elections Council, the CNE, is government-owned, so every elections that take place pretty much like one of those silly asf african elections that are so obviously rigged that they seem like they were posted by the Onion.

Fast forward today, Maduro's regime, which works in a similar fashion to that of Chávez', is suffering deeply from its Dutch disease, as oil is the only export, and as oil is incredibly low, it's basically bleeding out and resulting in the constant suffering of the people.

Now, this is the vanilla version, because not so deep down there are ties with terrorist group Hezbollah, tons of cocaine involved, illegal gold reserves smuggling to further invest in terrorist training, the former VP of Venezuela is a drug kingpin, and so is everyone in the gov. pretty much. Google the Narcosobrinos affair, google who's Diosdado Cabello, there are so many incredible facts about Venezuela that I take for granted by now that I forget to list them, so people have a crooked concept of how deeply in shit it's in.

We are depending on Juan Guaidó, the current president of the National Assembly, which is the only democratically-elect government power that we have left in Venezuela, but it was replaced by the government-owned National Constituent Assembly, which is basically some fucked up bureaucratic mess that they made up on their own. It's not constitutional, and nobody listens to the NCA anyways.

Why Juan Guaidó tho? because ever since january there's been a void of power, as Maduro's elections of last year were not constitutional, as they were called upon by the NCA, and as it's unconstitutional, there simply were no elections, the people boycotted them because we got tired of trusting a government-owned system under a dictatorship, it's just stupid.

Since january, people have been following Guaidó and he's met with multiple representatives of many countries, in fact, most of the countries in the world support him as the constitutional president of Venezuela, guess which countries don't? that's right, dictatorships like Eritrea and Zimbabwe, and others that are more democratically questionable like Russia.

Since thursday, there's been major blackouts across the whole country and it shows no sign of stopping, my family is preppy though because living under crisis is always good for how well you respond to it worsening, but many, many people are living on day-to-day food, and as there's no power, there's no network, and as there's no network, there can't be any banking, so the obvious answer would be cash, but cash has lost all value here, the only thing they might accept is dollars, and even so it's very rare to be sold something for cash in dollars, as it's illegal to even own the currency, many have starved to death, specially now, many people have taken their life, there's been looting.

Today, however, still no power, over 300 people are confirmed dead only in ONE hospital that had the courage to speak out numbers, imagine how many more have died with nobody even adding it to the statistic. Maracaibo, a big and important city in Venezuela, has had no power and no water since thursday, at least I have breaks, but now apparently they'll also cut out their gas, so they won't even be able to cook. Food is scarce and rotting, as people have no ways to store it because fridges are off more than half of the day.

However, tomorrow is a crucial day apparently, Guaidó, the interim president that's on the people's side will declare a state of emergency, which would be the first step to activate Article 187, clause 11, which reads:

Article 187: It shall be the function of the National Assembly:
(11) To authorize the operation of Venezuelan military missions abroad or foreign military missions within the country.

This means military intervention, a Panamazo, an overthrow. This is what we have all waited for, and holy shit does it feel good to actually feel for once like it's coming.

I didn't know so many people read my miniwibbles spam board, it's so wholesome to get some love in this shitty situation, love u so much.
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