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Two Major Improvements To Bets
Hello there everyone, here take a suggestion.

Now I'll start with the first tweak I'd like to see implemented; bets staying if the user pings. Now yes I understand that sinking tc is very important in avoiding economic inflation however I still find it very unfair that sinking a person's bets due to them pinging would even be considered.

If bets would stay when a user pings and he were able to reconnect and win the bet I feel that would be a lot more fair. Additionally if the user is unable to reconnect in time for the end of the match but wins the bet I feel it would be great if the bookie sends it to him anyway as if he were there.

A tweak very easy to add and one that would make almost all of the users very happy. Additionally it would cut down on flaming in bet servers.

Now for the second, I feel if a server with a large decap prize ghosts or is DDoS'd that it would be very useful if the decap prize is sent to a specified staff member as proof of how much the decap prize was. This would be useful so that the staff members don't have to simply take the host's word for it.

That's all for now and thank you so much for reading.
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Can you elaborate on how the system would decide what staff member receives that information and what exactly is supposed to happen when this occurs?
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Staff would program the system to PM a staff member of choice so if it is set as Icky it'll notify Icky, whether a PM, IRC boop or sending the tc to Icky as if he claimed the decap prize.
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