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Clan: Aeon

8 Years of Aeon
Good morning/day/evening, peoples of Aeon!

As you are probably aware, today is a special day for our stupid little clan!
We turn eight years old! If our clan were a kid, it'd be old enough for Tuna to try and fuck it! old enough for elementary school already!

In light of this momentous achievement, let me walk you through our history in the most pretentious and overly dramatical way possible, in true German fashion:

November 18th, 2009 this clan was founded by three germans.

TheAnimal (praise be upon him), Spaft and myself, Analwache (now Chirs).

It was a time of turmoil for the german toribash community. The biggest and most influential german clan that had existed at that point, [FLAMES], was in it's last moments. It was this clan that had united us back then. Through TheAnimal I got into [FLAMES], and we both would meet and befriend Spaft in a random joustingguillotine.tbm server not long after.

I don't remember how long I was in [FLAMES] until it began to die. It was my very first Clan, and I was just a stupid 12 year old back then with a voice even more irritating (can you believe it?). I didn't know rats ass about how the Toribash community worked, or the Forums, or Clans for that matter. Heck, I barely spoke a word of english (TheAnimal still doesn't), but I didn't need to, because [FLAMES] was a full-on german clan. We met many great friends back in that clan, some of those would later be a part of Aeon for a long time.

Many of those are gone now, having left this community behind for good.

I am talking ofc of people like:
  • xDeideix who made a very cool clanvideo for us back in the day.
  • gerFight who was always like a mentor to me in FLAMES. He seemed to know everything and he always helped us out. I don't think he ever joined us though he was always part of the family. He's now in [re].
  • Garkin who was inseperable from xDeideix and was one of the funniest people I ever knew. I think it was his influence that gave me the awful humor I have now. He was an integral part of Aeon from it's very early beginnings and stuck around for as long as xDeideix.
  • Frettchen who always was and always will be much like his namesake the ferret, always getting into things wayy to much and generally being too hyper for his own sake. He made his own clan not long before Aeon was founded but would later become a part of Aeon too.
  • KOTBOLT whose name I will always translate as "SHITBOLT" because that always made me giggle. He was a part of Aeon for a long time and he's still around today.
  • InYaFace who we've had the most amazing skypecalls with. Even thinking about the hours wasted playing toribash and just having a good time makes me miss this dude. He was also a part of Aeon for a loooong time.
  • omqq our actual first austrian member, who I would always always always make fun of for being austrian. He made pretty decent replays too but hey, Hitler made pretty decent paintings and look what happened.
  • Frezza the breakdancing obsessed dude. He was always ingame either making breakdancing replays or playing wushu.
  • Sindrerule who as far as I remember was our first long term member who did not speak german as a native language. Dude's from Norway and I always had a semisexual relationship with him (as I do with most scandinavians, ask Alex or bitlord).

and many more who I've probably forgotten to write down, but they will always be a part of our family.

But our clan would not be the same without all the people who stuck with us to this day, or who we're such an important part of Aeon that thinking about our Clan automatically leads to thinking about them.

These people include but are not limited to:
  • TheAnimal: What would a clan be without it's glorious leader? Throughout Aeon's life you've had many titles; "Leader", "Patriarch", "President", "Great Führer", "Supreme Leader" etc. But to me and most of us now you are just "Lars". The best leader a clan could ask for and one of the best friends you could ask for aswell. Just like the rest of us you've had your share of downtimes, moments where you could have done more to try and keep Aeon alive, but in the end we pulled through because you made the right decisions when it mattered. While it's not exactly the most important thing to keep an online clan in some insignificant game alive for any number of years, to us you've done much more than that: you have gifted us and opportunity to make some of the best friends we've ever had, and some of the most fun memories, and for that we thank you.
  • Spaft: Aeon would not be Aeon had it not been for Spaft. The very name "Aeon" was his idea, and it was also his influence that shaped our clan policies and laid the foundation for what we have become now; a family. His bizarre humor combined with his almost fatherly attitude towards the clan at times made him the perfect co-leader. I do not regret for a second any moment I've spent in the same clan as him.
    Sadly, you left Toribash too soon to see what Aeon would become, but we will always remember our first co-leader and one of our best friends.
  • Habeeb: He always was and always will be our "Quotenneger" and I mean that in the most friendly way you can say that. One of our earlierst international members, nobody would have imagined the impact that a guy at the time called "hkp" with some random numbers at the end would have on our clan. I still remember talking to little hkp back when you lived in india.
    Nowadays I can't believe how much you resemble the Aeon spirit; If there is one person that I would say truly understand the nature of our clan, I would say it's you.
  • threedog2/SXDave: Here's a funny little tidbit: What do you reckon the "2" stands for at the end of threedog's name? No, it's not just that "threedog" was taken (although it probably was) it's actually because threedog2 and SXDave used to be one and the same person! Yes, I'm actually serious, they were a single person and at some point for some weird reason, they ate too much nachos and began mitosis, splitting one weird austrian into two weird austrians. Of course that's exactly how it happened. When you think of Aeon now, especially of our weird and definitely provocative humor, you must think of threegod2. Especially "Hias", who is now the sole owner of the threedog2 account, is responsible for some of the most amazing moments in our clans history. Of course his alter ego Dave aka SXDave is also an amazing person and Aeon would not be the same would it not be for the two of you!
  • ViperTech: The man, the myth, the legend, the person who would always share too much information about his one-night-stands; Ex-Admin and at one point acting leader of Aeon, he saved the Clan back in 2012 during one of the worst activity drops in our clans history. Only because he took charge of recruiting new members and keeping the old ones in check did we survive that troubling time. He was a friend of many in Aeon and ever since he left Toribash, something has been missing from Aeon. Just like him, his clan [Grim Reapers], which he founded after Aeon came back to life, will always be remembered as a true ally of Aeon.
  • FluXen/Jormungandr: One of the oldest members of Aeon but sadly also one of the most inactive, Alex is the charismatic and slightly homosexual swede that many of us remember vividly from our long skype calls. He is also the living proof that Aeon is much more than a toribash clan: Many of us are still in contact with Alex on an almost daily basis, because the friendships we forged in this clan are stronger than the tides of time that drive people away from communities like these. Oh and he also hates his old name FluXen so make sure to call him FluXen so he knows how much we like FluXen. FluXen FluXen FluXen FluXen FluXen.
  • TheCobra: The influence that you've had on Aeon is undeniable Cobra. Even if we only made fun of each other for most of the time, and sometimes got into arguements aswell, I still consider you an important part of Aeons history, and going forward, I hope that won't change. You are and always will be a friend of Aeon.
  • Abyss:

    A picture is worth more than a thousand words. A comic is thus worth: amount of tiles x 1000 words

  • Skylar: The most british thing to ever grace this clan. Skylar was the weirdest mix of funny versus deep. You could make stupid jokes with him all day, and at the same time have deep conversations about weird british sad music. Skylar was an important part of Aeon and one of the losses that personally hurts me the most. Pls come back. Never forgive TLL.
  • NotShadow: Though he would love to deny it, NotShadow has been a part of Aeon for three years already, and in these three years he's become an integral part of Aeon aswell as a valuable friend. No matter how much you try, you can't get away from us anymore muhahahahahahahaha
  • CkyToH: CkyToH is one of those kinds of people that you never really get to spend much time with at once but over the years you get to know them better and better through every little bit of conversation or gameplay. This eventually leads to you being informed that he has become a father and suddenly you feel happy for somebody living some absurd amount of distance away and you realize that you've become more than friends, you're kind of a family...

This was in no way meant to be an exhaustive list of course. Everyone thinks of different people when they think of Aeon, and there is alot more people responsible for Aeon's success than I could reasonably write down right now.

So finally, let's get to the actual point of this thread; a (((brief))) rundown of interesting moments our 8 year history:

We've already talked about the founding of Aeon at the beginning of this post, so let's talk about our time as an unofficial clan.

In case you haven't been around in 2009, toribash was a different place back then. One example is the way the forum looked back then, another example is the way the Clantags worked;
Did you know that back in 2009, you could manually add stuff to your name so that it would be displaced infront of your clantag? This actually lead to Aeon developing a very elaborate and frankly useless ranking system which would be replaced and adjusted many times during our clans lifetime until it was eventually abandonned: Have a lookie

Aeon's time as an unofficial clan was pretty short. Back then, a clan had to only be alive for one month before being allowed to apply to become official. On December 22nd 2009, Aeon already became official, only slightly more than a month after its founding;

Here is a look at the clanforums on the 18th December, 4 days before we became official. You can see our clan thread was still on the front page of the Clan Discussion!

The next archived screenshot is one month later, on the 18th of January 2010, and you can see our brand new Clan Board in the top of the page. A legend was born. (also notice Atlantic was still unofficial back then, those noobs)

MAY 2012 - OCTOBER 2012
There is not alot that I remember from the two years between the oldest archived version of our actual clan forum and the time we became official. The only thing I can remember of the top of my head is that in April 2010, the third oldest thread still on the Aeon Board today was created: The Show Yourself Thread

Speaking of third oldest, the ranking looks like this:

Oldest Thread: The Replay Thread December 22nd, 2009
2nd oldest Thread: The Art Thread December 22nd, 2009
3rd oldest Thread: The Show Yourself Thread April 5th, 2010
4th oldest Thread: The Chat Thread March 16th, 2013
5th oldest Thread: The Music Thread April 6th, 2013
6th oldest Thread: The Gaming Discussion April 9th 2013
7th oldest Thread: The Sport Thread April 10th 2013

During May 2012, Aeon was in a tough spot. TheAnimal and Spaft were inactive and we had just survived our very first near death experience only thanks to ViperTech taking charge of the clan, and at that point, even ViperTech had enough and decided to quit. This lead to a point in time where most of our members decided to leave toribash and this lead to one of the biggest mass leavings in the history of Aeon. This is quite funny to look at now because most of the people who left back then are now still in the clan, including

-Myself (Analwache) ("This clan is not what it felt like anymore") What I didn't realize at the time was that it was the game, not the clan, that had changed in my eyes
-threedog2 ("I leave the clan and quit toribash forever") hahahaha you wish...
-CkyToH ("due to the inactivity im leaving aeon to create my own clan") that worked out didn't it

Fast forward 5 months to October 28th, 2012 and you land spot on at the moment that would revive Aeon:

Spaft returned!

MARCH 2013

Another 5 months later on March 18th, 2013 and we arrive at a point in time where Aeon has just risen from the dead. We were so close to being killed, you can see Erth ask us twice if we were dead. It is partly thanks to him not killing us off back then that we're lucky enough to still have a board today!

This revival was caused by the return of the almighty, the ever indulgent, the great and late TheAnimal. In the weeks and months to come he recruited many new members including iSpeed, Simon and drandlymat who would go on to create some of the oldest threads on our board!

JULY 2014 - DECEMBER 2014
We jump to July 13th, 2014 and TheAnimals plan bore fruit. Aeon was in the midst of a great golden age, with many old members like myself and threedog2/SXDave back from the dead. As you can see, it was in this year that Aeon joined the Clan League for the first time, and of course we won so hard that they decided to disqualify us and ban us from ever joining a clan league again. Duh.

Fast forward to October 9th and we see for the first time we see familiar names on our board: Fluxen, Rumour, Skylar and NotShadow were all now part of Aeon, and my new name of Chirs was already starting to catch on despite me still being called Analwache on the forums.
At this point, Aeon had pretty much already become the clan it is today. Our recruitment process had settled on the system we use today and we had a stable base of reliable members that were good friends, and from time to time we even played toribash!

Going to December 16th, 2014 we see more of the same.
This was three weeks after my namechange to Chirs, and 4 weeks after Abyss joined us. We also see Dexx for the first time on our forums! FluXen also got a namechange in the time between but we'll still call him FluXen for the sake of this thread.
This time of Aeon history can be described as the "Skype Group Phase". At this point most of our members were part of one giant cancerous skype group and there was basically constant contact between clan members which lead to slightly reduced forum activity but also dramatically increased meme magic.
The Best of Skype Group Thread perfectly captures the cancer that was this phase, and I can only suggest you read it again because it definitely made me smile.


Everything after this is still recent enough so we don't need any more archived versions of the forum for this.

We all know what Aeon has been through in the last two or three years, and I continue to believe that we'll manage yet another year of awesomeness!
Even if toribash is a dying game, even if barely anybody of us still plays this, the spirit of Aeon will live on for as long as two people who met in this clan still consider themselves friends.

And real friendships don't die often.

Thank you for reading and please consider joining us for when we do some ingame tourneys later today in about ~7 hours (maybe later, we will spam discord when it happens)

Love you all guys
fun fact: an Aeon is actually an astronomical timescale of 10^9 Years, so if we survive for one more year we will have been alive for 0.00000009% of an actual Aeon!
viddah: Does neko believe in more than one gender?

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I did It i finally read thru all this and ofc the links

I'm freee againnnn after just an hour or so

Greart work Chirs Love you and the rest of Aeon!
This brought so many memories back that i nearly cried BUT I DIDN'T course I'M A MAN

Thanks to all ex- and current Aeon-Members for all the fun we had
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Spaft|Vipertech|Chirs|Jormungandr|SocKeTe|threedog 2|Habeeb|SXDave

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happy berthday aeon

I think we all know who the best member is

it's chirs
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Analwache in our <3
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Clan: Aeon

it's aliveeeeeeeee!
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Man Congratulations on surviving for so long you bastards.

May we live to an Aeon!

luf yu fags
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Happy anniversary!
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God damnit, that was quite a ride, had me smiling right through the end.

Happy anniversary my dudes!
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Made me cry.
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Ohw im 11 yrs old when its started!God job
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