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How much tc is considered "Rich"
Small question for you people. In just your opinion, how much tc do you think is considered "Rich" I believe its 30k and above :P
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i consider 500k to be moderately rich and 1mil to be rich, but im and oldfag who used to have a on of money so my opinion doesnt really count :*
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rich is having full 512 + a nice set + matching flames + icon + and 500k+ TC to spend on anything else you'd want
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I too consider rich to be anyone that has like 500k, but I also consider rich people to be people that make TC easily, since they will just get the TC soon anyways. I am not one to create for TC though, don't know about you, but I see how useless it is. I consider rich to be more around 1 million though more than half a million.
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if you sold around 2kk of Tc like me and still own loads of stuff and rare art
you're rich for sure
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:P like 1m
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Being rich is about having money to blow on whatever 20 min fad is around and then not caring or regretting the expenditure once the fad is over. So really 250k+ is more or less rich enough in my head.
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With how low TC worth is these days in correspondence with USD. I'd say around 500k is the line between well off and rich.
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Old May 26, 2017   #9
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Even you win 10tc per match and keep doing it, and you get 50k, I'll consider you rich. You play tournies, get 100k, i'll consider you rich. You have 20k to buy something, I'll consider you rich..
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i'm always broke, so anything over 3 full orc sets in your inventory is what i consider rich

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