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Old Jan 17, 2018   #61
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Whats up guys, me and Orko are done here are the results:

1. The Spectacular Swexx!
2. The Legendary LeB3ast!
3. The Dazzling DropKick!

Clap now. In addition, clap for AssassinPro who was only very slightly behind DropKick for 3rd place! I've decided to also give him a 3rd place prize because of how evenly matched they both were (even if you don't place, if you convince us you deserve a reward you will get one!).

Thanks for participating everyone, I hope you keep showing up to these events so that they're actually worth making ;o

I'll be sending PMs and prizes today
oh yeah
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Old Jan 17, 2018   #62
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oo nice, I knew those were gonna win, such good replays.
also, why is DropKick's adjective in white? is this some discrimination? x)
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Old Jan 17, 2018   #63
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I mean I'll take it. Thanks pugga.

Next time will be better.
Whabb owo
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Old Jan 17, 2018   #64
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Thanks for the event pusga and orko!
thanks to all the others for awesome entries, was a fun watch and i was sure i would not place above some of you.

Haluejah your replay was one of the funniest things i have ever seen in this game ^^
A true replay maker only knows blood,sweat,tears and glory...ALSO failure, ALOT of failure.
Heeeey check out this brand new video from my main man mocucha:
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Old Jan 23, 2018   #65
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Kind of late but thanks on the event was fun!
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Old Jan 23, 2018   #66
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Was I considered for 5th place?
What could I have done better to make it into the top 3?

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