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Helping Timothy!

Timothy needs your help!

Long time ago, Timothy was a common person, like you, like me, like all of us. One day, he did some shady pacts with Erth and got submerged into the tori-world, and had to be paired with Tori, Uke and other guys. He needs some help to return to his world, with his family and friends.

"How could I return home?" Timothy wonders, while figuring out how his new jointy body works. He's desperate since everything is harder with a new body: Timothy's all stiff, hold-all like and can't even eat a cheeseburger without dropping it! D:

Yeah, Timothy's a noob.

Fear invades Timothy, and he needs to feel more comfortable with his enviroment, he needs to look realistic in order to blend with that world, and eventually figuring out his way out of that world full of colorful blood and dismemberment.

What will be Timothy's first steps? Basic needs, everyone needs to eat, and here's where our poor friend needs your help!

You will have to continue the given replay, and make Timothy eat a hamburger. You can start at any frame.
Judging criteria:
-Objetive (simulate biting/eating the hamburger)
-Realism (Timothy needs it!)




No replay stealing
No collaborations
No variations on the mod given (except matchframes)

1st: 50k TC + 5 Shiai Tokens

2nd: 20k TC + 2 Shiai Tokens

3rd: 10k TC + 1 Shiai Token

You may submit your replay before January 28th (2018, of course ;o).

Credits to Pouffy for the mod, and shook for the art.
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MasterUzi Is Here To Save The World
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Congrats to matarika and hypersaint! I couldn't have competed against those :P
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Congrats Matarika and Karbn for 1st and 3rd place.
The Toribash community needs more of these fun and unique events.
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