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Better Graphics for Toribash


Which one of the two do you think I recreated in 3D? Well...truth is I am bad at 3D.
The other truth is that both of them are raw screenshots from the game. Don't believe me? I will show you how to get similar graphics, whether for recording or for epic gameplay and wallpapers.


1) How does this work?

Toribash runs Shaders since 3.0, so any version afterwards will not be that different shaders wise, but this method will work on older versions (including 0.1!).

1.1) What do I need?

  • A graphics card that came out after you were born.
  • A decent CPU that can handle more than 3 Google Chrome tabs without reaching 105'C.
  • 4 GB Ram and above is recommended.
  • Toribash.
  • Internet to browse r/dankmemes.

2) I have everything. What now?

Head over to and download the executable from the site. Once you do so, run it and follow these steps:

  1. Click on Select game to install to or uninstall from
  2. Browse and choose your Toribash executable (you can use ToribashSP if you have it and only wish to use it for single player)
  3. Click on OpenGL
  4. Click Yes
  5. If you did everything right, it should download from github the shaders and all the necessities for the patch. Wait until it is done then exit.

2.1) I patched my executable and closed it. What now?

Given nothing went wrong yet, you should have new files and folders in your Toribash directory, like reshade-shaders, OPENGL32.txt and ReShade.ini.

From now on, every time you run the game there will be a prompt box on the top left that will stay for five seconds before disappearing to remind you of the hotkey button and the version. Should look something like this.

2.2) Okay...but I am still not sure how to use it still?

Press the Home button on your keyboard, and it should go through a quick tutorial, introducing the tabs and what each is for, but most of your work for shaders is going to be under the "Home" tab. Now, for what each tab means:

Home includes all of your shader options and their perspective settings below in the form of sliders. You can always reset a shader to default if you tinkered a bit too much.

Settings includes your directory for multiple things, like the key to use instead of Home, changing the directory for your screenshots (default is Prnt Scrn), the theme of the ReShade menu and FPS counter.

Statistics shows all of your nerdy needs on the top with a mini-graph for FPS fluctuation. It also has all of what the shader are affecting in the game and, if you hover on any of them, you can see which shader does what exactly.

Log shows the log from the console of ReShade. It shows many developer related information in case if you needed to check what cause an error.

About mentions an overview to the license and who made them and what year.

Shaders bundled in ReShade can modify your OpenGL, which means extra settings like FXAA, SMAA, MXAO, Bloom, Motion Blur, Ambient Light, Color Correction, High Definition Range (HDR), Split Screen (For any VR headset) and many other features other engines include. Just tick which one of these shaders you want to activate, and you can edit their attributes via sliders below.

Here are my active shaders if you wish to get similar results to the screenshots.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop them below. Might make a tutorial video if requested, and most importantly - play around with the shaders, there are a LOT.

More screenshots

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seems good for video editing, neat
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I don't know who did it (maybe you Nokia ?) but that should definitively be implemented in the game ! Amazing job on that (I feel that will make video editing a bit easier too in some cases).

My Youtube channel : Mocucha Toribash

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