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It's just depends on from what perspective you look at the world from(from that thing you wrote reminds me of just depressed people, the first post) There's no meaning of life and we live because we just happen to live. We evolved from monkeys to very smart species. Don't get stuck on those toughts you just wrote(the first post) just live the life in the way you want and in the way you can. To be completely honest here, when somebody believes in "god" i just ask myself "why?" There is really no point of believing in god anymore imo because this ain't the the -0-1500 centuries anymore. They had to believe in something to not lose hope in those rough times why to continue, that there is something good after you try your best. And i'm pretty sure that there is not any kind of "afterlife" when you die. Think it from this perspective: where you were when you weren't born yet? That's right, in nowhere. It's just how human mind thinks it all, it just depends on that i think.

I respect all the religions in the world but this is just my point of view.
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I agree with you hunter.

I've asked myself a question about afterlife once: Do I prefer to have an eternal afterlife with a possibility to regret living that eternal life or would I rather just die and lose my conciousness.

In the end it doesn't even matter, because you can't regret anything after all. And thinking about this topic- no matter how interesting it is- is just a waste of time and not to recommend, because it most likely will make you sick.
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Welcome to nihilism.
Originally Posted by Pimp View Post
Pretty sure adam was always on earth. God didn't condem him to earth after he ate the apple (which wouldn't make sense) after he ate the apple there were a lot of consequences but being teleported over to earth wasn't one.
Maybe we read different stories?

Indeed, afaik God created Earth and all animal (including snaek) -> God created man -> God created Eden in the east -> God put man in Eden -> created woman from man -> snake tells woman fruit will give knowledge -> woman eats fruit -> woman gives fruit to man -> man eats fruit -> the pair are expelled eastwards of Eden

It's not really possible to interpret "eastward" as "off in space to the east" because the original text uses a word that very specifically means direction. It's certainly not something I've heard before.

The more obvious thing that Moataz says which contradicts modern Christianity is the sentiment that God will judge you and send you to heaven or hell. I'm not sure which if any sects believe that, but it's not popular as far as I know. Various readings come to different conclusions (and then there are the catholics who write their own material), but the pre-Christianity sentiment that an Anubis-like entity would ultimately judge a person is no longer popular. Usually sects go with "God loves everyone and wants everyone to go to heaven thus everyone goes to heaven" or "As per John only believes go to heaven" or "As per John evil people will not go to heaven" or "No one gets to go to heaven until judgment day "
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But life occurred due to a chemical reaction, so I guess we are alive by chance.
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Originally Posted by Bird View Post
But life occurred due to a chemical reaction, so I guess we are alive by chance.

That's a 'how' answer, not a 'why' answer (how did life start vs. why did life start).
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Ok so you said ".....everything is going to disappear so why does it matter?" I can tell you that what you just stated is not only absolutely true but also goes against your point and supports mine. Everything WILL one day end and so, that gives you even MORE of a MOTIVE to go and do something great with your life because we can just keep in mind that, as you kindly said, "....Everything will end..." so we shouldn't take life for granted and treat it like it'll go on and on. Instead we should use it while we have it and make sure we have as nicer times as we can before 'Everything disappears'. For Example: If I told you that you had 10 days of your life left before you're taken from this world into death, what would you do?

Now hold on a moment. According to you, none of your actions matter ("...But why the fuck does it matter at all?") and based on this logic - in that 10 day period you have left, I can predict that all you will do is just sit down and do nothing. Because anything you accomplish in that 10 day period will be lost.....Right....?

THERE you see? Now after putting yourself in that situation you should be able to understand my train of thought. In your last 10 days you would want to enjoy yourself as much as you can because you were given life and you exist - why would you waste it? Life means being able to feel things; The 5 senses - Colours, Tastes, Music, Sounds, EVERY SINGLE Emotion - the feeling of accomplishment, the feeling of relief, the feeling of being cared for by another person, Love - That is what life is. You have life and therefore all of those great sensations and joys of existing are well within your reach! And you're asking why does it matter at all!? It matters because you're capable of achieving good things regardless of whether people will acknowledge it or not. And you're saying that "...No matter how much you touched peoples lives you won't be remembered..." So what if they don't remember you? Your GOAL in life is not to make people remember you is it? You're GOAL is to be greatful for the life you are blessed with by doing what you're capable of. Not like a spoilt teenager that gets everything they ever wanted and never even uses the stuff. You get given the opportunity to live; choosing to do nothing with it is just being ungrateful! And so that part of your argument can justify why we should in fact go out and do good things. If anything, that concept of everything disappearing should give us a sense of urgency to live amazing lives don't you think? Life itself is just the '10 Day' example on a larger scale.

Now I'm actually speaking like an atheist. I believe in God but the way I chose to present my opinion was nearing towards the none religious aspect. I just said it to establish the basics. NOW comes the actual PURPOSE.....

I believe life is a test; Not EXACTLY an exam because that would imply that you had time to prepare yourself for it - no, life is a test. Your decisions are the things that matter. At the end of everything, only the right people will end up with the reward and there will be NO injustice. God has given us role models in the past of what those 'Right People' look and behave like. Messengers that have only ever done good in this world and are still commemorated today by MILLIONS of people all at the same time in countless places of the World. You see I think that God is testing each and every one of us against the difficult times of life and it's a fair test as well. God hasn't just left us on Earth so we can somehow figure out ways of passing the test. No. God has most definitely implemented loads of things to guide us all and it's a case of whether we choose to ignore that guidance or accept it that determines who is allowed into Heaven and who is confined to Hell. So the meaning of life: Just like asking what's the point of a test? PURLY the test ALONE of course pointless - It's actually what happens AFTER the test that is of importance. But what happenes after the test is Pre-Determined by your perfomence in the test. So the meaning of Life is to get as sucessful as you can (Sucsess is how good of person you are) and if you are good enough you are rewarded with Heaven that will be EVER more enjoyable then the limits of joys that Life alone brings.
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My answer to this is hella simple. We're here, and a reason doesn't matter. The fact is that since we're here, and there is nothing we can do to change it, we can do whatever we want. The only rules we are bound by are our personal morals. To each individual following rules, laws, and other people's opinions is optional. In this way, the choices of how to live your life are infinite. I personally, however, choose to live in a way that makes me happy. This means doing anything that I can enjoy. Right now, that means playing video games, working out, fucking bitches, and getting good grades in school so that I can do all of this on a larger scale. However, I'm not saying that this is the only way to achieve happiness. If I was so inclined, I wouldn't be object to breaking rules or laws to pursue my happiness. For if you think about my philosophy of achieving happiness, individuals are not limited in their pursuits, nor guided.

So at the end of the day, the reason why we are here doesn't matter. Take it as it is, and work with what we are given. There is no guarantee that tomorrow will come, and no guarantee that when we are dead, the world will go on. Do what makes you happy, and if you want to, do for others what will make them happy as well.
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We are here because the world decided to create us. It's not like it was guaranteed for us to exist either. There may have been no life on Earth; animals may have evolved into some weird unthinkable freaks. It's pointless to find a meaning but we do because we're human. So no matter what deep down inside I'll be trying to find out why we exist, but there just isn't a definite answer.

The only meaning to life is whatever you make it. If you don't have one, that's too bad.
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Purpose, don't you think?
If you think by it biblically, God has created us to live on forward for him.
If you think by it scientifically though, we did exist due to numerous scientifical events; basically, we didn't really need to exist at all.
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Originally Posted by Ele View Post
That's a 'how' answer, not a 'why' answer (how did life start vs. why did life start).

Well how can you answer a why if there's no why just a how basically. Isn't existing by chance a why anyways?
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