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But the thing is, which god?

There are over 5000++ gods out there (according to the number of religions) so which one.

Anyways, Extraordinary claims need extraordinary proof, and what's asserted without proof can be dismissed without proof.

But if God/Gods actually exists, then there's a huge chance that they're not the kind of god humanity has been believing in.
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I mean, God might exist. There are some proofs of miracles but it isn't 100% certain that they happened because of an extraordinary being. That's why people believe in God. We do not know. Some people experienced something called clinical death. For those who didn't hear about that (but I believe most did) it is a state where there are no signs of life. However, it differs from regular death, cause brain is still working. People who experienced that say that they saw something. As we know, brain is a really complicated thing that has many possibilities, so we still don't know if what they've seen was actually afterlife. Assuming that God does not exist, people created religion just because of curiosity what happens after death (or either to overcome fear of death). Personally, I'm a Christian person, who believes that God exists. Nevertheless, I am not sure of it.

Originally Posted by WeooWeoo
All religions are weird, but the hardest I find to believe is Christianity. It's just... heh.. No. Read the Bible or something from the Bible and you'll see.

Okay I guess you're talking about taking Bible literally. My religion teacher said : "Do not take some texts from the Bible literally, because you will surely see some things that do not have much to truth". Some things should be taken as a metaphor. For example, it was said that "God created the Earth, the Moon, the Sun, and stars". Of course we know, that the Sun is a star too. Or another thing - Adam and Eve. This text doesn't mean that people like Adam and Eve existed. It is just a way to tell that people went their own way, defying God.

Tl;dr : God may exist but as for now, only way to check it is dying (sounds kind of funny but that's reality)

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