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Legalization of Weed
So recently I watched a documentary called super high me. Where they take an in detail look of what weed does/can do. They test a pot smoker, this smoker
goes 30 days without smoking weed then he goes 30 day smoking weed every day. Now, I thought this was interesting, while they were doing this experiment
they discovered weed does not have all the crazy benefits people say it has but they did find out through trial and error that things like weed cookies, peanut butter,
brownies, etc... Do have most of the crazy benefits that people prophesize about. SO all in all smoking the dry herb was found less helpful than consuming.
Although smoking pot didn't have as many good benefits as made out to be, it still did not make out to be "bad" or "unhealthy". So if weed does not significantly
have a bad outcome (excluding paranoia). Then that brings us to the real question... Should weed be legal? I am going to leave that question with you guys.
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My opinion on weed is that it should be legal, but due to the fact that it can impact a developing brain somewhat badly I would put it behind an age restriction, 25 - 26 years.

Question now is what to do with people who would smoke under that age. I would most likely go with what happens to people where weed is atleast partially decriminalized. A ticket for the first time getting caught, and then bars if it keeps happening. A somewhat strict '3-4 grams on person' rule could be introduced as well, i.e. not telling a person under the legal smoking age anything if they aren't carrying too much.

That's at least my take on it

thank you.

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The fact that weed was originally band because of racism should be enough for everyone to agree that there is nothing wrong with it being sold to those who are 18+
Right after the Mexican revolution is when the racist idiotic American government decided that "Marihuana" was poision they didnt even realize that it was literally in so many of their fucking medicines n shit.
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@micah more like it was banned because the hemp business threatening loggers.

There is nothing wrong with a child ages 14+ to smoke weed, there is nothing wrong with a child 14+ smoking cigarettes as long as we stop promoting both of these things, you need to understand the benefits and the risks and its asinine to pretend like weed doesnt have issues, yes weed has indeed actually killed people tons - but weed alone hasnt. if your drinking and you smoke you thin your blood and your at risk of alch poisoning ive seen it happen i had to call an ambulance and wait with someone, you can fall from being light headed, ive seen it happen to a 70yo man i gave a dab to, and you can hyperventilate, paranoia makes you stop breathing - being high makes you focus on breathing, now that your thinking about breathing its you doing it, not your body - thats my personal problem.
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