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May Ranking, ST Revamp and more
sir hello

We prepared a bunch of new stuff for May, get hype!

- Season One Ranking stats and May updates
- Shiai Tokens Revamp and new Shiai Items
- May events, Torishop changes and more

Since the ranking mode change in April, we have played a total number of 22780 ranked fights. More than 600 brown belt+ players were involved, but only the top 100 would get their rewards at the end of June when the season is over. Meanwhile, we've already rotated the mods to used by Matchmaking in May and have drawn some results for April ranks!

  • May mods for matchmaking:
    • Grappling: greykido.tbm (made by TheGod, 1.47 million games played)
    • Striking: rk-mma.tbm (made by Nirs, 479k games played)
    • Kicking: erthtkv2.tbm (made by (!) Erth, 296k games played)

  • Top 10 April players:
    1. Karteiro - 1662.97 ELO, 640 ranked games total
    2. Wounder - 1646.87 ELO, 346 ranked games
    3. SemiHampa - 1643.77 ELO, 318 ranked games
    4. Snook - 1643.13 ELO, 258 ranked games
    5. Shmevin - 1637.4 ELO, 302 ranked games
    6. Gentleman - 1630.87 ELO, 338 ranked games
    7. rcarey - 1627.03 ELO, 220 ranked games
    8. Moop - 1625.62 ELO, 208 ranked games
    9. ken54 - 1624.02 ELO, 164 ranked games
    10. greh - 1622.21 ELO, less than 100 ranked games

  • Most active ranked players:
    1. FreshKek - 816 ranked games
    2. Karteiro - 640 ranked games
    3. Karstnator - 476 ranked games
    4. Winter - 454 ranked games
    5. laithoon - 428 ranked games
    6. mobilla - 392 ranked games
    7. Wounder - 346 ranked games
    8. Gentleman - 338 ranked games
    9. SemiHampa - 318 ranked games
    10. jen7 - 308 ranked games

To contents

In April, we announced that all the old Shiai Tokens are going to be deprecated and Event Squad set up discounts for all the ST items. Today we're introducing a complete rework of the Shiai Token system.

The new Shiai Item types:
  • Hairstyle Boxes
    Hairstyles are the cheapest items you can get with Shiai Tokens. We'll stick to the new hairs here and you will always be able to sell these items in market afterwards.
  • Model Boxes
    There will be two types of Shiai Model boxes you can get: single-item boxes and an ultimate model box. Single-item boxes are cheap and contain one untradeable model each, whereas ultimate model box contains all of this month's ST models which can be traded, but also costs more.
  • Color Boxes
    Ever wanted to get no-qi joints for participating in ES tourneys but they'd always send you a marine grip? Now you can exchange your Shiai Tokens for one of Color Boxes which contain 2 untradeable joint colors.

Why Boxes instead of just 'items'?
We're going to keep a monthly rotation of what you can get with your Shiai Tokens, and by using Shiai Boxes we can just change what's inside. It is also good for you in case no current Shiai Item appeals to you (or you already got all of them) - buy a box now and unpack it later when there's a different item in it!

May Shiai Items

  • Zabrak Horns, a new hairstyle item you can get for just 2 ST.

  • Old good Pirate Hook, an old ST item that is now available for a reduced price of 2 Tokens.

  • Pirate Hat, another old ST item that you can now get for 3 ST.

  • Peg Leg, new 3d model item to replace your right leg + foot. 4 ST.

  • Pirate Belt, new 3d model you can get for 4 ST.

Preview of May Shiai Models equipped with May Shiai Color Combo #1

And you know the best part? You no longer need to PM staff to get your rewards.
Token Exchange Tool
is available 24/7 and you can now get your items instantly. Wow, some modern tech in Toribash!

To contents

More stuff to happen in May

  • Get ready to show your best flame forging skills this weekend, because it's going to get hot in Events section!
    With the help of the ES team, I'm going to judge your flames and the best entries will be made available for public in Torishop!

  • More Torishop changes
    Some of the 3D items are going to be removed from the shop this month and old ST items will take their place. So if you still want to get something like a Pilgrim's Hat, you better hurry before it's too late!

  • Shrak!
    Don't know what a Shrak is yet? Well boi, in that case you better go educate yourself.
    I've flooded Event Squad's Magicalsack with 400 Shraks and they'll be using them as rewards in their events throughout this month!

  • Dev stuff
    Last time I checked on our forum developer he was running some weird tests on clans. Uh-oh!

  • Artists and IFs needed
    Got some kickass drawing skills or have modelling experience? Apply to join ES Art Team or Item Forgers and help us at making this place a little bit more fun!
    ES Recruitment Thread

To contents

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Wow didn't think I played close to 400 ranked games, actually pretty crazy.

Also rip Karteiro he got perma banned. Looks like he'll have to make a new account to cheat with!
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so the old ST (deprecated) no longer work, right
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exactly.but....what is this new "Shrak" item?
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Originally Posted by ThePirateKing View Post
so the old ST (deprecated) no longer work, right

They're now same as any other collectible item. Cannot be exchanged for ST items.
Originally Posted by inmmortal8 View Post
exactly.but....what is this new "Shrak" item?
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Fuck its Muck
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Fucking sir now I have to edit this thing damn why didn't I refresh the page awww

If you want to see the shrak in-game you can /dl & /lp Swepples
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Replay thread >:B | #fred4president

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wait, i thought greykido was made by gr3yh47?
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Since we cant use the old ST, could they become tradeable as collectors items?

edit: tested it and they're already tradeable, thank
bitchass kozmonaut

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Wait so I can buy a box now and then keep it until the next month and get that months item??

Help Squad
PM me if you have questions or would like to apply
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Originally Posted by Parrot View Post
Wait so I can buy a box now and then keep it until the next month and get that months item??

No, the box would be a collectors item, sort of like these
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