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Hello, I would like to join ORMO
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oh yeah
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Originally Posted by Joel View Post
guess ill try my luck while the threads booming

The first replay is alright, the manipulation was very cool considering the high gravity, however the amount of damage you took and how you kept him in the air almost by accident after the first major push detract from it. Up to frame 360 everything looks intentional, after that you just brush around on him and grab him immediately. I am not a fan of grabbing right after a manip when it is caused by failure to keep up with uke or keep him in your line of sight. It didn't seem very out of control here though, so it's just a weird choice imo. The grab is poorly placed, right on top of what you want to kick, forcing you to ungrab and remove your arm in a cumbersome way before the hit. I'm surprised you even got 3 dms. The skeet's ok.

First replay in forever is better imo, the opener is great (the arms swinging around madly doesn't particularly bother me in this replay), and the lift and first hit are pretty stylish. The two next hits are nothing special and a little anticlimatic for the first time using grab in the replay. To clarify, I wasn't expecting more dms, I was expecting something more interesting than the most simple grab>double kick possible. If your goal was to get the pec off, then mission accomplished I guess, although I don't think the skeet was worth it. At least you didn't waste too much time throwing it.

Happy new years was pretty solid. If anything I think it's impressive how close you were to uke the whole time without taking massive damage. You also kept him in the air for a good while for -20 gravity. I like the combo dms, last one looked like a bit of a struggle as you had to reverse your spin in midair but the other ones were fine. I like the quick pose too.

Not quite crazy enough but there's good parts nonetheless. Honestly I don't know what you should capitalize on because the replays have a decent level of everything, although nothing is astounding. My vote is a no, the replays are good but a notch below what I would accept in pretty much every department. Nothing that can't be fixed by practicing more.

Originally Posted by Hug View Post
Hello, I would like to join ORMO

Not sure if joke but I'll make myself a fool. This org is not about competitive multiplayer, I will disregard the competition aspect of the replays.

Both lenshu replays have nothing of particular interest in them, needless to say applying with lenshu is a terrible idea, you're inherently handicapped by turnframes, the dojo and the opponent. The other replay was like a poor version of Engraze's i_like_it_on_top_of_my_head from probably 10 years ago I think. The movements are primitive and the dms are a struggle, not close to the moderate-high level we expect unfortunately. My vote is simply no.
oh yeah
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Well, I didn't expect you to acknowledge the real talent. Almost every other genius used to live as an outcast of his own generation. How could you even compare my creation to what Engraze did? My work is a pure art of visual communication. Every single step of it is not a "mess" as you think but a carefully measured way to draw your attention to what is really important. My work represents how society puts young people in a box by forcing them to do what they don't want to. It "amputates" the capacity of individuals, making them look "normal" compared to other people.
1)He's standing on his head - means he doesn't accept established rules in this rotten ancient society
2)His moves are heavy and clumsy - means despite his protestations he's forced to fight on this battlefield.
3)His leg is dmed - we stand on our legs, we use our legs to move but our society doesn't want us to move, to overthink, they amuputate our ambitions and individual significance. Yet despite that, he tries to fly away, he is waving his arms as if he was a bird. He wants to fly, but they doesn't let him even walk!
4)He grabs another leg - the souciety gives him a fake hope, it forces him to think that it's not fully rotten but it is. He grabs this leg as if it could replace his loss. Contra spem spero.
5)Last frames - he's on the ground, he finally realized that the leg he grabbed is a fiction, a hope is a fiction that was made just to make you think that you have a choice. His will is broken, he tries to move this fake leg into his rectum during his hypoglycemic rant because he finally realized that this is the only way how you can realize your individuality and your own opinion that is accepted by the society. He brakes his spine and finally dies as the final protest against the system. Mors levis donum ultimum est, que fortuna dare protest.
But I do not expect the humanity to understand as they didn't understand van Gogh until he died. He barely sold one of his paintings while he was alive.
Este quod estis, nolite confluere cum vulgo griseo caeco! Deus me veritate mea judicat, non maledico hominum caecorum!
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what the acual fuck?
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oh yeah an ormo app thread shitpost
the universe is gonna catch you
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helol i weould like to aply for EVent squad Aretits, i make'd this two show my skilll and conpetense i beelive i would make a grate adition to The team!

mY Art

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I dont think toribash and society go along
However toribash and depression on the other hand go along fine

I agree with Alpha

Hug we get it u studied history and normal humans cant understand u
But ormo requires elite replaymakers and in a lenshu replay there isnt much to say
And we arent here to judge how emotionally you name your replays either
Sorry bud
Im not trying to sound mean
If u want to join ormo id suggest getting into sp replaymaking where we can actually give u a proper judgement.
(Im not a recruiter but im just giving my opinion)
Btw saying humans cant understand you naming ur rpls doesnt make u look any smarter
1 question though... Do u plan the meaning of the replay while ur doing it or after u did the replay because the way you explained what each rpl means is just deep. I feel my IQ rising
Best laugh i had ehile reading a response ngl

I vote yes for fallu
He deserves event squad
That art is too much for humanity yo handle
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