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The Decapathlon

The Decapathlon

Welcome, fellow sportsmen! I hope you're ready for The Decapathlon, because the race has just started and you don't want to be left behind!

In this brilliant, beheading competition, you'll be searching for EDecap servers in-game. The objective of EDecap is simple - you'll have a certain amount of time to decapitate as many other competitors in the server as you can. Knockout mode will not be enabled, meaning if you win the previous match you will play the next match. The winner of the EDecap will receive a prize, and for winning the most EDecaps by the end of the race, you'll receive the Decapathlon grand prize!

- Global rules apply in all EDecap servers.
- Please do not bug ES to host EDecaps.
- Do not play in this event with two accounts.
- Do not attempt to host EDecaps if you are not an ES / impersonate the ES in an attempt to get away with hosting EDecaps. Any EDecap event run by a non-staff member should be reported right away.
- Any questions about the event should be posted here.

Every EDecap win: x2 + random item

Top 5 leaderboard finish: + x5 each

1st place leaderboard finish: (in addition to Top 5 prizes)

4 weeks after event release


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cool event! looking forward to it
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Ooo, this is interesting im looking forward to winning some of these :^)
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lit count me in coach
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Yah this is gonna be fun asf
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Nice. Ill try...
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What mod(s) are we gonna play?
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Originally Posted by Oaky View Post
What mod(s) are we gonna play?

Most of the time we’ll use official mods that have been customized for easier decaps but occasionally we may host in random mods
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count me in. So by easier to decap, do you mean lower dismemberment threshold?
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