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wtf 3
whats the point of 'staff complaints' subforum if there isn't a single thread/case that ever been resolved literally?
i mean, even god could make a single mistake, so why defend yourself like a selfish prick? just admit your fault, dammit!
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You really enjoy making these troll threads huh?

Need help? PM me!
إد هو العاهرة
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This shit begins to be annoying , "Staff Complaints" was made to make a thread report about staff - such as ES and other staff members.
Also there are some cases that were solved because the staff actually broke the rules or just begin asholes to everyone / their behavior was literally disgusting.

Also you need to stop with those dumb ass questions , i ain't saying you MUST - just saying stop with that because it looks dumb in my opinion trolling like this and those threads make no sense.
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