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wtf 4
Originally Posted by Clan Creation Rules
C) Meme/joke clan threads ARE NOT allowed. If your clan can be considered as a meme/joke clan, and you clutter up the board with it, then you will be infracted and your clan will be deleted.

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just because a clan is attempting to have some fun with their clan page, doesnt make them a joke clan.

that clan does meme a lot but it is a serious clan with actual members and post
(actual members as opposed to members just there for the meme)

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shut the fuck up
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who hurt you sweetie
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Haha I had a feeling it would be my clan, ya nah we're very cool.
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Instead of making these threads. May I suggest that you make a thread in the Staff Complaints board. Things may actually come from said complaints, If it's a complaint for specific users or just general policies, doesn't matter, go ahead to let us know what you think needs to be fixed. Making threads of this nature isn't really doing anything for you. So please come and let us know in the correct place.

Before you do, please read the rules and requirements so we can appropriately look at your matter to be discussed.

Closing to further stop others' shitty posts


I understand what you posted here and I can agree on a semi-personal level, but I can assure you that we look at everything professionally and we look out for everyone equally as we can. I myself can admit my own faults and have no shame saying that I was wrong when being wrong. Feel free to personally message me with any complaints too, I might be able to give you some insight.

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