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Old Apr 27, 2019   #1
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lets be honest and transparent here guy.
did any income of profile customization store goes straight to whoever made the thread?
if not, why would you put your personal email in first place?
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1. he's an admin
2. you're paying him to make the changes
3. I see no issue here
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That's not a personal email, that email is clearly a throaway email for toribash cash transactions on PayPal.
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Old Apr 27, 2019   #4
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What's the issue with paying for services not normally offered?
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Old Apr 27, 2019   #5
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Fam you coulda just asked, I've never hidden it.

I'm a middle man. It goes to nabi. It just goes via me because:
A) it's not automated
B) because it's not automated, someone could pay money and hampa would have to look through nabis transaction records for it. And that could take a while.

(It's also not my personal paypal. That's entirely seperate. Could you imagine if I had to declare this as some sort of income? I ain't desperate to raise my own tax thank you very much)
Also, mr banned main. You know this. Whatcha tryin to stir the pot for?
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Replay thread thing
Have any reports or issues?

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Old Apr 28, 2019   #6
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What's the problem I don't get it , Icky is a middle man as he said before who are doing his job by making player's profile customization such as - Bigger size pfp (150x150px) for money because its not automated but if you want to make it automated a.k.a changing your profile by yourself here are 3 ways to do it.
(1): You can get a namechange for TC - /100k/200k/400k/800k.... (Everytime the price increase twice as much as you paid before)
(2): VIP - Gives you a "full" premonition to change your pfp at 150x150px and also change your usertitle and other stuff that you could get for ever by purchasing at Icky's store.
(3): - You can change your usertitle with TC if you can't get it with USD.

Also what a dumb question in my opinion asking if the money that was transferred to Icky are coming to Nabi - Of curse they get their money , Icky is the guy who makes those customization if Icky were taking all the money he was getting from the Item Store , the thread would be gone.
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Old Apr 29, 2019   #7
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How much $$$ do i need to send to that paypal to get some Clan League favor?

Need help? PM me!
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