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Amazing(ly long) IRC Theology Argument!
Happened a few minutes ago with me and suo. I'm not entirely sure it'll fit here (it's about 11000 letters <<), but I'll try. I didn't want to filter out some of the random spam made by other people because it partially fits in. It's not so much a theological argument until near the end, but we do use fancy words in response to some of the random spam :P Oh, and as a reminder- these boards aren't intended for spam or to raise your post count. If you're going to read it and give intelligent comments, go ahead. Don't post just to say "tl;dr".

Originally Posted by ToribashIRC
<Sleighdollmaster> Delusions and referencing in the third person are terrible signs of mental incapacity
<Sleighdollmaster> and point to a childhood that involved forced penetration.
* suomynona points at Sleighdollmaster.
<suomynona> He had a childhood that involved forced penetration.
<suomynona> Thus he should refer to himself in the third person.
<Sleighdollmaster> Indeed he should.
* Sleighdollmaster stares at suo
<Sleighdollmaster> ...
<Sleighdollmaster> I find your lack of intelligence rather disturbing.
<suomynona> I find your lack of faith moreso.
* suomynona invisibly chokes Sleighdollmaster.
* Dr_Strangelove ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.83 [Firefox 3.0.5/2008120122] )
<TehBasher> i find your both (bleep)ing blabbering about nothing
<suomynona> you're*
<suomynona> l2spell
<suomynona> n00b
<Sleighdollmaster> I find your attempted intervention to be flawed due to several elementary mistakes in your phonotical presentation.
<TehBasher> YOUR
<TehBasher> FAGGOT
<suomynona> My faggot is not home, sorry.
<suomynona> phonetical*
<suomynona> l2spell
<TehBasher> yes he is
<suomynona> n00b
<suomynona> TehBasher: she*
<TehBasher> HE
<suomynona> she*
<TehBasher> ihe
<TehBasher> he
<suomynona> she*
<TehBasher> he
<suomynona> she*
<TehBasher> he
<suomynona> she*
<TehBasher> he
<Sleighdollmaster> *ahem*
<Sleighdollmaster> lrn2lrn.
<TehBasher> (bleep) you
<Sleighdollmaster> n00b.
<suomynona> I'm going to ban you for spamming
<TehBasher> ban yourself for spamming
<suomynona> Sleighdollmaster: phonetic <- word
<suomynona> phonotic <- not
<suomynona> l2contextclues
<suomynona> n00b
<Sleighdollmaster> Would you like me to rip your throat out and shove it up your rectum with a large salmon?
<suomynona> Sleighdollmaster: I don't have a body.
<suomynona> *sigh*
<suomynona> Must I repeat myself?
<suomynona> Must I repeat myself?
<TehBasher> NO
<TehBasher> ONE
<Sleighdollmaster> Yes. We're speaking in metaphorical terms.
<TehBasher> LIKES
<TehBasher> YOU
<suomynona> TehBasher: You're just insecure because you have a childhood involving forced penetration, as stated by Sleighdollmaster and proof presented by 4chan.
<Gynx> When i try to send items to someone it comes up with a blank screen saying "eeerk"
<Gynx> Why?
<Sleighdollmaster> Basher: I find your abundance of capital letters a punishable offense.
<Opeth> Also
<Opeth> Phonotic is not a word
<suomynona> Opeth: Already stated
<Opeth> Ahh, sorry.
<Sleighdollmaster> Quite. Your redundancy is rather irritating.
<TehBasher> i find you abundace of retardedness is faggotry
<Gynx> Anyone..?
<TehBasher> abundance
<suomynona> Gynx: Do you want the short answer, or the shorter answer?
<Sleighdollmaster> ...I'm not even going to start with that troll of a sentence.
* Tamer0_ ([email protected]) has joined #toribash
<Gynx> Either or, i dont care, as long as it answers my question.
<suomynona> k
<suomynona> god hates you
<suomynona> god -> veb
<suomynona> you -> everyone
<suomynona> hates -> absolutely despises
<Gynx> WELL (bleep) ME.
<suomynona> in other words
<Gynx> Thats not very nice.
<suomynona> someone's doing something to the torishop
<Sleighdollmaster> Suo: That works in retrospect too.
<suomynona> probably veb
<gr3yh47> ?
<gr3yh47> why suo
<Sleighdollmaster> Everyone absolutely despises veb.
<suomynona> gr3yh47: because he can.
<gr3yh47> what do you mean
<Sleighdollmaster> Do not question him.
* Tamer0 ([email protected]) Quit (Connection reset by peer )
<gr3yh47> whats happening to the shop
<Gynx> suomynona: So i'll wait until he's done?
<suomynona> we have no (bleep)ing idea.
* Tamer0_ is now known as Tamer0
<suomynona> do not ask us such trivial questions
<suomynona> perhaps you could learn patience, and just wait for the changes to be finished, no?
<Sleighdollmaster> ._. The omnipresent sentient forms of intellectual energy are not pleased with your impatience, mortal.
<Gynx> suomynona: v-e-r-y sorry, m'dear.
* Tamer0 ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.83 [Firefox 3.0.5/2008120122] )
<suomynona> Gynx: No need to be.
<suomynona> I was talking to gr3yh47.
<Sleighdollmaster> Cease being egocentric. Before I destroy you.
<suomynona> I lack a body
<suomynona> I ONLY have an ego.
* EchoSleep is now known as EchoMarine
<suomynona> I CAN'T HELP IT! D:<
<Sleighdollmaster> I am disturbed by your similar flaw, suomynona.
<Sleighdollmaster> I was speaking to the one called Gynx.
<suomynona> <.<
<suomynona> >.>
<Sleighdollmaster> You, in your egocentricity, ironically assumed I meant you.
* suomynona eats Sleighdollmaster.
<Sleighdollmaster> I am omnipresent.
<Sleighdollmaster> And you are omnipresent.
<suomynona> Thus I can eat you by eating anything
<suomynona> since you are everywhere
<suomynona> and I am all powerful
<suomynona> :P
<Sleighdollmaster> So you have eaten everything, including yourself. Which equates to nothingness.
<Sleighdollmaster> Fool.
<suomynona> Lies
<suomynona> all powerful, by the definition ALL
<Sleighdollmaster> You dare accuse me of speaking untruth?
* fwiffo ([email protected]) Quit (Ping timeout )
<suomynona> I can easily bend logic to better suit me.
<suomynona> thus, I ate only you.
<suomynona> Despite you being everything.
<Sleighdollmaster> But logic cannot bend you. Ergo, for anything to truly happen
<Sleighdollmaster> you must abide by logic.
<suomynona> I must abide by logic, but only to a certain extent
<suomynona> the logic that perhaps I would eat myself and everything means nothing
* uke ([email protected]) has joined #toribash
<suomynona> for the logic of purpose is that I ate you.
<Yusi> ;o
<Yusi> ;o
<Yusi> ; o
<suomynona> btw
* uke is now known as RIP2
* borgpunx ([email protected]) Quit (Ping timeout )
<Sleighdollmaster> Your logic is, in that case, flawed. A flawed logic cannot truly execute an action.
* suomynona decaps RIP2.
<suomynona> Sleighdollmaster: An all powerful logic can execute any action.
<EchoMarine> Morning
<Sleighdollmaster> Perhaps, but said logic would also have to be omnipresent
<suomynona> that can easily be arranged, for I have all power.
<Sleighdollmaster> If your power contradicts itself, it will create damage you cannot repair, even with all power. Such are the laws of nothingness.
<suomynona> then it is not truly all power
<suomynona> thus the logic of power has been broken
<Sleighdollmaster> Yes
<Gynx> suomynona: whatever veb did, he did it fast, i sent the stuff.
<suomynona> and for all favor, you cannot possibly be all present
<Sleighdollmaster> and power ceases to exist
* fwiffo ([email protected]) has joined #toribash
<suomynona> and you cannot possibly exist
<Sleighdollmaster> Nothing can exist according to your logic
<suomynona> and thus, I have defeated you.
<suomynona> And everyone else.
<Sleighdollmaster> in turn, defeating yourself
<suomynona> By definition of M.A.D.
* damasta ([email protected]) Quit (Ping timeout )
<Sleighdollmaster> fwiffo: Theological battle. Ignore us.
<suomynona> thus, i win.
<Sleighdollmaster> While you lose.
<suomynona> because I fulfilled my plan.
<suomynona> :P
<Sleighdollmaster> My plan was to fulfill yours
<Sleighdollmaster> for your plan achieved all my intentions
<Sleighdollmaster> namely, to defeat you
<Sleighdollmaster> which you have done by yourself.
<suomynona> your plan means that you intended to defeat me.
* Rutzor ([email protected]) Quit (Connection reset by peer )
<suomynona> as your plan was to defeat me.
<Sleighdollmaster> Nay. My plan means that my intentions were to see to your defeat
<suomynona> the word to implies (albeit a bit roundaboutly) that you were the one to fulfill your plan.
<Sleighdollmaster> they never required any specific individual to fulfill the purpose.
<Sleighdollmaster> Implications mean nothing.
<suomynona> Implications mean everything.
<Sleighdollmaster> And in turn, nothing.
<suomynona> In this discussion, we have implied that we exist, we have implied that logic exists
<suomynona> We have implied everything.
<Sleighdollmaster> But as implications cannot exist, and nothing can exist, then nothingness is the only thing that does exist. And in turn, does not.
<Sleighdollmaster> Good day to you.
<suomyona> k.

How to complain in style: GG, Mahulk.
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You're really telling the whole community about this one then, eh?

Also, try to read it all guys, it's quite humourous.

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tl;dr ... .... Okay, I lied, I read it and it wasn't too long. XD

Pretty funny. XD Liked the ending the best; "good day to you" "K". XD
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Gynx/M3Hi: Yup ^^

Slith: Go shoot yourself in the face.
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Nice. That was pretty funny.

"Good day to you."
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