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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate or Super Smash Bros 4?
I have a big decision to make to buy either Monster Hunter 4 or Super Smash bros for 3DS. I need a game that could at least last me for 4-5 weeks until I get enough money so I can get the other one. I don't have any friends that have the 3DS so I was going to go to the Gaming chat thread to beg for friends. Life is sad . The last smash I ever played was brawl with my cool kids squad that would come to my house but I've never play Monster Hunter 4. I do like RPGs but I also like Fighting games I NEED HELP.

I'd like some good things and bad things when you right about each game or 1 or the other.

I didn't put this in the Rapid Thread because I'm going to get my 3DS in 1 week so shoot I got time sexys.
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Monster Hunter will keep you years, played MH Unite and Unite 2. Amazing games,one of my favourite PSP games.
About Smash Bros can't say that much,surely worst than Monster imo.

Btw i still play it and they were released like 3-4 years ago.
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Yes, monster hunter ultimate for life. Choose it or pickle lord will be angry
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i bought both of them on the day they came out but in my opinion monster hunter 4 ultimate is better because i played it about 500 hours while i played super smash bros only for about 3 hours since i didnt really enjoy it

So if i would be you i would buy monster hunter

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I think this belongs in gaming chat. Moved.
I realise that was probably a mistake. Changing to perma redirect and waiting for someone to put it back. Probably only my third fuck up so far as an Lmod.
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Nah, it's fine in gaming chat, even if there is some element of Discussion in it (i.e. which game should I get).
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