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[VID] Tricking Can Be Weird

Tricking Can Be Creative

Welcome back trickers. Now I'm going to have a serious talk.
I've been noticing trickers doing very similar moves lately.
Just done worse...or done better with slight variation. Now
I'm making a new Tricking Can Be Creative is a call to action.

There are certain moves I'm BANNING from your replays. :O
Yes you heard correctly! The following moves aren't aloud in your replays.

A Basic Cork Flip

Basic Back Flips/Gainers

Basic BTwist

Basic Front Fulls (Front Flip 360s)

Basic Back Fulls (BackFlip 360s)

Now even though these moves are banned, you can do "Variations" Of these moves, if you want to know some cool variations check out these videos! (Cork Variations) (Flip Variations) (Twist Variations)

Or you can make up your own moves and variations! Get creative! And Get Weird! : D GOODLUCK TRICKERS

Hey Check out my Replay Thread! :D HERE
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Surprised no one has started on this, I'm on it

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btwist into "knee-cork" here.
dl me too, kthnx
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Tricking Noob
Done in 45 min with some silly Variations x)
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chill - creative

tdr > cork mega > aerial semi > carrythru sideswipe

chill - cleansing

tdr > st cork hyper > reverse pop btwist feilong

(I dont see many reverse pop transitions in tb, cork isn't variated besides the fact that it's landed hyper just a tad bit)

ill be posting more soon
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File Type: rpl chill - cleansing.rpl (413.3 KB, 8 views)
File Type: rpl chill-creative.rpl (345.6 KB, 5 views)
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