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Old Feb 22, 2018   #1
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New Toricredits board!
Good afternoon everyone,

After some lengthy discussion and in-depth planning behind-the-scenes the Market Squad introduces to you the Toricredits board!

What is this board, how do I use it?

In this board, Verified TC Sellers will be able to create TC selling threads for the community to come to and purchase from.

With the creation of this board,
  • Any person who wishes to sell TC are under obligation to go through the staff's vetting process in order to become a verified TC seller.
  • Only verified TC sellers will be able to make threads in this board.
  • All TC sales are to go through this new board.
  • Attempting to sell TC outside of the Toricredits board (including in-game) may result in immediate account suspension for the seller.

If you are ever confronted by any user attempting to sell you TC in-game, please do not buy TC from them. There's a greater possibility of you being scammed.

How do I become a Verified TC Seller?

To apply, all you need to do is meet this criteria*:
- no bans for scamming for 9 months (including alternate accounts) - account must be at least 6 months old
*meeting the criteria does not guarantee that you will become a verified TC seller; it only makes you eligible to apply.

To apply, simply PM any Market Squad member found on this list requesting for Verified TC Seller status.

For more information see this thread.

That's it for the announcement everyone! Make sure to check out the Toricredits forum rules if you intend on using the board!

p.s. If you have an active TC selling thread that has not already been closed by the squad please close it. Any user found with a TC selling thread in the Items section forum after February 22nd at 11:59pm (GMT -0) may be subjected to infractions.
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Old Feb 22, 2018   #2
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nice dude
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Big bad bully :'(
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good idea

I am a help squad member. Need help? message me
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Ayy, great idea. Hope it will reduce scam regarding selling tc.
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I mean, this could have maybe been done a couple weeks earlier

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Anything that could be done to influence TC selling that occurs in-game and I'd assume would be the larger source of scams? Great Idea though, definitely think it'll have an impact and hope to see more updates in the future.
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Old Feb 22, 2018   #8
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GJ this can really help new players to not get scammed
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Slight update with the board,

There's been a technical oversight when it comes to making the threads unmoderated by default: all posts are currently unmoderated by default.

The board will temporarily be left as is and will have slight revisions made within the next 24 hours to fix the issue - TC selling will still be prohibited in the Item section during this time. We will still be taking Verified TC Seller applications, so still send yours in if you have one!

I apologize for the inconvenience. Thanks for understanding guys!
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Great idea and hopefully for the best.
But I actually have a question:
Now since Tc selling totally safe and under control, can approved tc sellers now sell Tc for steam codes? Since now all tc sellers are completely legit.
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