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Head Texture of the Month: Steam Punk

Wipe off your tablets or your mice, and get the artistic cogs in your brain turning folks because it’s time for a rustic reboot of an old Head Texture of the Month theme!

In this event, the Event Squad (ES) give artists a theme to work with, and you have 4 weeks to create an outstanding head texture. The person who creates the head that best fits the judging criteria receives prizes. But don't worry if you don't make it out on top, as there will be several honorable mentions. So let's fire up our artistic engines!

The winner will receive:

30,000 TC

2048x1024 HEAD TEXTURE


Ancient - 291 tc
Crollex - 6750 tc
Donut - 100,000 tc
Cappuccino - 96,250 tc

Thanks to all the doners!!!

Several honorable mentions will be picked; if your head receives an honourable mention, you will receive :

Honorable Mention Prize:

Winning entries and honorable mentions will be advertised in both the original post of the following month's thread with the artists credited AND in a sticky thread in the Art forum. Also, if you're looking to establish yourself as an artist in the Toribash community, this is your big chance for publicity!

We do still have rules that are to be followed. Keep in mind we may not judge your art if it doesn't follow ALL these rules.

- No plagiarism, this isn't tolerated at all and is severely punishable
- If your submission looks like a joke, it will not be judged.
- Do not submit old/pre-made textures.
- A rough sketch or WIP is required to prove that it is a head in progress and not a pre-made head that you are reposting.
- Collaborations are allowed, however in this scenario prizes will be split.
- Only one submission is allowed, which also means no alts used to submit two different heads. If you're collaborating with another artist, you can only submit that head.
- Submissions must be in 512x512 or higher.
- Post watermarked flats in this thread with spherical previews. It would be much appreciated if you used Toribash Textures for 3D previews.
- If you aren't using Toribash Textures, ensure to make your previews clear, show all aspects of your head and attempt to keep watermarks somewhat non-intrusive while still being effective.
- We encourage you to post frequent WIPs, just make sure in your post that it's clear what the final product is.

After the deadline, the judging process will begin and head textures will be voted on by the Event Squad members. It could take anywhere between 2 days to 1 week (4 days most likely). Your entries will be judged based on the following criteria:

- How well the idea fits the theme
- Uniqueness; think outside the box, as it could be the difference between winning and losing
- The execution of your idea

Once the judges have decided on a winner, a post will be made announcing the artists who won/received honorable mentions. Good luck!

This month's theme is Steam Punk!

The winners for the previous HTOTM event were as follows:

Winner: Chab
Honorable Mentions: Hagan and Destram


The deadline is the (4 weeks after event goes live), 20:00 (GMT+0)
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Originally Posted by pixie View Post
Half way though making my head and i realize something that could mess me up in the future.

I was working on the mouth of my head, kinda having coal smeared around the mouth and jaw and a flame in the mouth as if it were coal powered.

The I realized:

And this is what I made so far


I think the rest of the head on its own (seen above in my other post) is good, but I don't know if the fire mouth would be considered plagiarism or not, or at the very least copying even if I didn't realizing it.

I'm going to wait for some feedback before i keep going on with my head

it's your own creation, go for it.
that image isn't even a head texture anyway, and it's drawn much differently ie; rectangular head

also with the amount of submissions i don't think they would mind.

also those eyes look absolutely amazing
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Sir Watson
Sir Watson by Calamity
working along side sir holmes for too long watson takes up his own journey to be a masked crusader!

sir watson

all in 2048x1024


I still take texture requests for usd
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Thought I'd give this a go, considering the prizes are pretty deece. Will add the W.I.P's as I go.

Rough Sketch



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Deathf the half deaf, death artist is back.
You thought you could get rid of me? (I just replaced my computer)

I am planning to do one hell of a comeback in the art community, and yes this is the sketch so far.
about 45 minutes for the concept sketch.
"Pain is one of the best thing to write about, because everyone can relate to it."-Deathf

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