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clan mods are better than event noobs
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We are sponsoring the death of many for our enjoyment! That's right folks, the Event Squad is letting you target the lives of other players who signed up and take them out! Will you survive until the end? Who knows? Maybe only sir knows, shhh...Let's see who can survive and call themselves the best!

-Post below saying, "I can be the best like no one ever was!" Along with your GMT to be entered.
-Once 48 members have signed up, you will be broken into two groups. The first 24 will be sent a name of their target. The other 24 will be the target of the first round of assassins.
-The role of the assassin is to eliminate their target within 5 days from the PM, failure to do so includes removal from the event and the advancement of the target.
-The role of the target is to survive for those 5 days, to be sure that the target does not just avoid going ingame, they must be fighting at least 8 games per day. (Both the Assassin AND Target MUST play eight games each day.)
-If the target has not been seen ingame and the assassin has made a continuous attempt in contact and has proof, the target will be removed and the assassin advances forward.
-The bracket will be hidden until the end, however, a list of all players in the event will be posted here, once the player is eliminated, they will be crossed out.

1. No alternative accounts allowed.
2. No going inactive if you are a target, you will be removed from the event.
3. You must post proof that you beat your opponent (screenshots, replay, confirmation from target).
4. The mod you fight in must be fair (i.e. NO one-sided mods allowed).

After each round:

5,000 TC and 1x Shiai Token will be awarded to the survivors after each round.

Grand Prize:

8x Shiai Tokens

250,000 TC

The sign-up period are closed!
Each round is 7 days . The deadline is(2/23/2019 10:00 AM) GMT-5 to (3/2/2019 10:00 AM) GMT-5!

Thanks to the one who watches from above, Sir, a nifty tool has been created, so each Assassin will be notified when their target is in-game.

Using that link, allow the notifications and watch the magic whenever your target is online!

Finn Radil Counter Gabe Firesun lefarid123 craigxhing Code dvang03 hugsteur Donut Frost dick nerelf Pendragon Euphoria Superlolicon Voljnij777 Shadowfvs aurelien91 233333123 death3003 hamoudaB MrDatel Jonn Warabi kouta Berzerk Grrreatest PrefectDeity Hawk152 Vexup Lionet xAhMaDx CrissHyoon carlman123 iTemp Swepples Clint Blink 2quick4u2 Joel Lucky ZaneGore HamFisted watermagic Colors pinheads Fire Lisa Nation Gabryx01 KumonDojo DaNewNinja Aurarian Foobi Flame Gamer4200 ASTRA SkilledZeus moutarde76 Cosmiiiic Crimson Fender0524 greh Fade Deprived -lucie- awoebaway tochukwu Felix Fred Donut Code Zwar

Welcome to the final round of EAssassin!

Four of the competators have gone through hell and high waters to have their chance at the grand prize!

The four finalists are:

Congrats to you all! To decide on who it is to walk away, we have decided, since all of you failed to die earlier in the rounds, we will be rewarding you four with the ultimite chance of survival.

A Round-Robin style tournament has been created for you finalists.

The rules are such:
1-You must play the rounds in fair mods, with the loser of the previous match choosing what to play next. (i.e. x challenges y to fight in ABD and X wins, y decides the next mod.)
3-Each round lasts one week!

At the end of each round, points will be totaled, and the user with the most points at the end of the final round will be declared the winner!

He will be the assassin over each of his targets!

We start with

Finn vs Counter
Radil vs Gabe

The bracket is listed here!

Happy Hunting!

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also what happens if the assassins get bodied and we have a bunch of survivors?
and also, does that mean an assassin can fight a target 8x in a row, also what about leaving mid match?
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