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Bridge Spar full of Weapons!

Bridge Weapon Spar

(Skip to the bottom for screenshots)

Hey It seems this board is in need of some mods, so here is a sparring mod I have created.

The mod i've made is a bridge with multiple weapons. I always have problems
choosing weapon mods, so here's a mod with multiple ones you can pick and choose from! Everything away from the bridge is pretty basic. So Hope that isn't too much of a bother for the environmentally heavy people.

Things I've tried to work on:

It features the following weapons:

A Bow Staff

A large Hammer (Weighted)

Dual Bladed Sword

A Set of Kamas

A Tanto (Short Sword)

Had to remove the little table because there were physics glitches.

I've placed bars above the heads of the fighters to encourage some cool swinging moves. The bars extend out of the bridge for expert climbers who want to get fancy.

I hope you have fun and create some nice replays with friends!

I've tested all the weapons and they seemed to work fine, of course it's toribash so there will be glitches and physics issues now and then. If anything is unplayably bad then i'll fix if you leave a comment bellow.


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Gotta be the first person to try X)
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Judging from the screenshots, this is one of the better mods you've made the last year or so.

Colours are better, but still off. I think I'd struggle with finding good colours for an old style bridge as well.

The roof feels too thin. IMO it should've extended out a little bit more to cover the bridge by about two feet.

I'm not entirely sure what those wooden bars are that extend outward past the floor of the bridge and then down. What are they?
EDIT: I figured out why you put them there, should've read more carefully lol. I think extending the roof out would've been great to blend the bars into the rest of the bridge. Right now I feel that they stick out too far

Fence feels a tiny bit too thick but I really can't be sure since I'm only looking at the screenshots at the moment.

Overall, not a bad mod! I'll be sure to try this one out, it looks like it'll be alot of fun
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i agree with alot of what karbn says. you are improving no doubt. i love the creativity with the weapons. they are made cleanly, i havent seen how heavy they are but you did well conserving objects and joints to make many weapons.
the colors look nice but need variation rather than vividness. dark colors will server you well but only if you learn to use many shades in many places, for example how you did the railing. its hard to notice since it isnt all over the bridge but it really helps the shading. i think it could do well to wash some colors out here, especially on the table. keep the same brightness or darker and make the difference between the colors smaller.
i think things look a little blocky as well but im not sure how you would avoid that with this mod (other than using rotations) so thats fine.
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