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Old Nov 16, 2017   #21
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I heard about this on the radio, is there any more information on this?
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Old Nov 16, 2017   #22
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i mean it would have to be some pretty tight circumstances like a gunshot to the head outside a hospital as this was about to be done(if this becomes a common practice)... if we do this so nobody is hurt like this is the new way to commit suicide or something like you just detonate your body... and ya... unless its like a body swap deal idk.
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Old Nov 16, 2017   #23
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From what I know about this particular case it seems like an elaborate publicity stunt or something.
Recently though China has stated its intent to begin attempting full head transplants in the foreseeable future.
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Old Nov 20, 2017   #25
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Man this shit sounds like a flout to human in basic
I may understand that people have lost some single parts of their body, and really needs organic transplantation to stay alife and reach their goal.
But at some point you need to ask yourself, you mixed 2 different persons in a unnatural way.. and which one is the actual living from them both or did they just fusion together ?? How to call them ? I don't know it kinda sounds sick man, if 2 persons decide to stick together like that I wouldn't be sure if I still would want to know them
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