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How to sell Items Quickly
Here i will show you how to sell your items quickly.

There are many methods to sell your items.
1. Sell it in-game
2. Sell it in the Market

Selling in-game

Selling in-game might be hard because you need to find Good and trusted people. And there is a chance to get scammed.

In my method. Try joining servers with plenty of players. Like Betting server. Those servers have greater chances to find buyer.

Selling to the Market

This is the easiest way to sell your items. But may take too much time!

In my method. All you need to do is. Go to Inventory. Next Click "Search in Market", There you go you find the cheapest of that item. For example "Dark Duke" Hair may cost 10000TC. All you need to do is make your "Dark Duke" cost 9999TC. So if someone want to buy that hair. Your Item will come first to there sight.
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Yeah, but when you see a price, you should generally try to go about 1k lower if is up to prices of like 5k when it is lower to like 1-2k you can lower by 1. If you want to sell things fast you'd want to make the prices a lot lower. If you want to make TC over time, you make it a little lower. Selling thongs aren't generally quick anymore because people are either unaware of market, or don't want to buy things, because of the fact the community is smaller the market is smaller. It's also good to periodically press update on the items, that will bump your item to the top of the market list.
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Yes your right
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