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I dont give a Belt
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Why you cant improve. And how to do it better.
Ive met a lot people saying shit like: "I feel like i can´t Improve anymore."

But it is exactly like you said, You "Feel" like it. Im going to tell you something now. Your feelings doesnt matter.
First: No one gives a shit about them.
And Second: They only exist because you believe they do.

In our modern day society, our brains are full of information coming from uncountable sources. While atm you think and whats the problem with that?
You might come to the thougt that even if you dont notice it, you are always controlled by these Informations through your subconcious mind.

The terrorist attack near to your town? Ah you dont give a fuck. But you are starting to loose trust in the people you are meeting on the street at the same time.

Love and Romance, Sitcom storys on from books or TV? You dont give a fuck. But getting married or havin a life like Barney Stinson is attractiv to you.

What im trying to say is that you get influenced and distracted by a lot of stuff and you dont even notice it because you are thinking that it was your Brain getting these "ideas". It is normal for you.

So forget everything and start learning to focus your Mind. These arent just words im throwing in. I mean that serios: Focusing your Mind is the most usefull and nessescary ability to learn anything.

You dont know anything. Every peace of Information you already know, has to be overthougt. You need to recreate these peaces. In the end your picture of a cute dog is suddenly a flying crocodile with Chainsaws as legs.

If you think you know something or someone: You are most likely wrong about it. There might be hundrets if not thousand words of Information you have no clue about.

What i mean when i say focused mind is: You dont think about anything else then what you are trying to learn. You are listening to your eyes and ears and you analyse the information you just recieved. But you dont know. Stop believing something and Start to see things as how they are. Do not try to see things that are out of your physical reach. Your own thougts are the biggest liyar you will ever met.

In toribash you are more concerned about how your opponent thinks about you and how good you are instead of your actuall game and gameplay.

You are more concerned about beeing a noob then about how you can improve yourself.

You are playing and playing but you cant see any improvments.

I tell you now: This is because you are litterally just clapping and trying to win. Because thats what this game is about isnt it?
You saw all these Overpowered Custom Belts and Masterbelts just lifting you with ease outside of the ring, so you are doing the same.

But listen to this: They only got so good because they tried shit and lost so often. You are not learning anything from a win even if your opponent is way better then you.
Its most of the time a lot more efficient to do shit and try to save what you have caused.
If you then, can even win the game too. Then you just improved yourself.

But if you are mindlessly try to win, even if you do, you are not learning something from it. Your Brain is afk at that moment. It cant learn like that. You have to focus your Mind before you start playing, you have to activate your Primary thinking stuff.
For me: Im thinking in Words, so i try to describe what i just did or what im up to do next.

Im trying to see possibilitys, Im not just going for the first thing i see that is possible. I take a few seconds to look for more surprising or awesome things that i can do.

Dont let your instinkts drive you. Listen to them but think about this: They might be wrong or are liying to you

So here are my short tips on how to improve faster:

1st: Get your Sleep.

While sleeping all the Information sitting in your shorttime Memory are getting transfered into your longtime Memory.
The problem is: Your shorttime Memory has only very little space to save information. So if you are at the limit of saving capacity, you are loosing your knowledge you just earned by each new peace of information. Even if it is just a funny cat video. So sometimes it might be better to say fuck it and shut down the pc and smartphones. And just go on a short walk outside and take a nap after. Dont think you are special and you dont need something like breaks you little narcistic asshole.

Little funny Note: When i startet getting good in Toribash, I startet to have dreams about it. Ive noticed that my body startet moving in weird ways while i startet to wake up. Like the Physics of this game were kinda transfered into my body motions

2nd: Make everything into a game, not a competition

Just have fun you little ambitious perfectionist. No one gives a fuck about your skill. Except if you are me of course but thats a different story.

3rd: Take short breakes too

After 30-50 Minutes playing, you should take a 10-15 minute break.
Do some exercises. Im working on my Sanchin a lot.
What this does is similar to the sleeping process.
You train untill you loose the track of time. Till you "wake up" and realize that you have stopped
When you "wake up" you have saved a bit Knowledge into your longtime memory and you are ready to play again.

This state of not beeing concious about what you are doing is very simillar to meditation. The longer you stop thinking the better. But when you once got back into your mind you should concentrate on training again.
This is like an Exp boost for a short time.

4th: Keep your ego healthy

When i talk about your ego, i talk about this voice in your head that always says. If that and that happend i wouldve won. It is this feeling you have after meeting someone whos skillevel is on a complete different level then yours.

What i mean with healthy is: You have to keep it in controll. You have to put your ego on risk sometimes.

When you never risk your ego you also are not able to admitt defeat. You have to shittalk you have to show yourself bigger then you are and try to grow into this faked image to make it real.

But when you only present this fake image to yourself and not to others. You will start to believe this fake is real. This is when your ego grows bigger then it actually has the right to be.

You need to Challenge People. Put your ego on the table and fight for it. Believe me the rising heartbeat is an awesome feeling.
When you win it is the best feeling you can imagine.
Loosing on the otherside hurts like shit.

Here we come to the other part of it. Dont let your ego die only because of a loose. You need to realize that some people are always better then you.
And that there will be new players which will grow faster then you.

It is ok not to be the best. (THIS is no reason not to try beeing the best!)

In the end the best gaming experience is when you feel connected to the other players in the room. A too big Ego will make you arrogant and you cant respect the others. A too small Ego will fullfill you with negative feelings like hate or jealusy. Which will also make you only feel disconnected from everyone.

We are all the same. Just regulare nerds playing a game. Dont get cocky because of something that doesnt exist. Dont feel ashamed for someone who doesnt exist in your Reallife

Ill add more after a ive slept

Little philosophical off topic

This is just my opinion, pls think critical about it.

"In its core, every human beeing just wants to be understood and feel loved by others" I think this is true.

"Every human beeing in its core, is an asshole" But this is also true.

So why are people trying to be something else, why do they try to be nice and politely. It is stupid.

You are nice to people you do like very much. Why dont we just say what we are thinking when we met. Why trying to be something else. I mean everyone notice´s it and feels bad because of it.

It just this unnessescary shit(small)talk with no real productive ending.

I had the best conversations with people i dissagreed with, and got into discussions with. I didnt like them i didnt need to. I respected them. I knew i could talk with them and get a real answer about what hes thinking when i say this.

Idk but most peoples mindset about that is destroying my social life. Just say what you are thinking in the end idc at all. But i tell you what i think. Even if its just ehm nothing.

I come back to people which improve my life. Not if i like them. If they come back to me is their own thing. Pls do what you want and think for yourself. Dont let other people decide how you see them.

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