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Old Mar 11, 2011   #11
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Downloading now.
5 hours.
I'll play it when I get home from school.
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Old Mar 12, 2011   #12
hcb + p
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Game's dead now that they're wiping every beta account to zero and doubling (possibly tripling) the grind. Not fun.
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Old Mar 12, 2011   #13
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Yeah I will most likely not play it after Beta...
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Old May 15, 2011   #14
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It's finally released i think ...
it's not beta tho ...
i play it it's really good made game i enjoy it much ...
i play on EU server so if someone is willing to play please post your nicknames on EU server...
i wish to create some serious Forces here ...
<iRookie>This clan got a lot of epic members, such as missuse and Aj, Pulse and Kaszanas, and I want to be part of them.
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Old Jan 31, 2015   #15
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Thread revamped.

I play on NA, and I'm the proud driver of an AMX 13 75 + a T-34-85.


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Old Jan 31, 2015   #16
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I saw this thread and i thought of this ;>

Tried the game, is nice but not quite what i'd normally play. Carry on.
But why's the rum gone? :v
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Old Feb 2, 2015   #17
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Just ground up to the AMX 13 90, which is a lovely tank. I really enjoy how much the game has changed.

I still carry dumb-hard

check this one out

hardest carry NA


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Old Feb 4, 2015   #18
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What has changed about the game lately?
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Old Feb 4, 2015   #19
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It has a full-blown physics engine. You can fall off of a cliff, drown, stuff like that.

There are a lot of new tank lines, turreted tank destroyers, tons of new maps

The game is really well-balanced now, you don't just instantly win because they have a t1 heavy and you have a kv. Light tanks are really fun to play now too.

Lots of stuff. Also people occasionally host races, where you hop in your fastest tank and race around a course, usually for some sort of prize. Tanks have visibly unique suspensions now. My ELC AMX skids when going real fast into turns and bounces often when on rough surfaces, and i've flown a couple of times when going top speed off of bumps.

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Old Feb 5, 2015   #20
Mr. Montenegro
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Idk how it is on NA cluster, but I've played this game for 2.5 years, maybe three, finally the amount of frustration of idiotic teams on EU cluster made me to give up, delete game and never play it again.

Game was ok for most of time, but afterwards it became unplayable because teamwork in random games went from 50% to zero! I never was interested in clan battles, and some swear to me that is where WOT really shines, but as an avid 'grinder' I lost all my nerves in random games lol.

That, and very poor balance with power creep and SF tanks they have added to the game (German auto-loader with a cammo of a predator and burst of shells that can kill two damaged tanks of same tier in one clip, yeah, riiiight, at least it doesn't have any armor, but fuck armor when they still have ghost shells like they had during a beta, and small damage rolls or penetration with no damage to keep noobs alive, especially when they have 5-10 HP left)

And I won't even talk about cheat mods of the WARPACK and how when you talk about it on their forum you get a ban almost instantly because, hey, there are no cheats in WOT and it's Stalinist Russia and if you talk what they don't want to hear - to gulag with you! XD

Sad, considering I had a full garage of tanks, premiums and at least 60 mil creds and I really liked the game... :{

P.S. KV is till Op as long you know to angle yourself, although every noob now shoot gold so...
Originally Posted by CiaoTime View Post
Game's dead now that they're wiping every beta account to zero and doubling (possibly tripling) the grind. Not fun.

Also, I laughed at this post. It's really funny since from 2011 till now they have around 60 mil of players and shitload of money. No one expected that.

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