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The name of a human Bard I would play in a long running DnD campaign that ended after a good 2.5 years. Yuma was a pretty crazy dude who loved music, adventure, and getting hated by entire towns for ruining pretty much everything.

Yuma lived through the entire campaign and ended up as a level 20 legend who ultimately saved tons of lives.

Gg Yuma.
Meh. I think I need to quit toribash for a bit.
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Because this

Goes into this

Memes are simple, really.
(excluding rick & morty memes,
in which case you first need to learn nuclear physics, calculus and quantum mechanics before you can understand pickle rick jokes)
This is a Christian server
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When I created my name, I supposed it's a bit silly, but Melodicity sounded like a chill name, y'know, like Mellow, yknow like Mellow Toxicity. those are the two words I had in mind when I made my name.
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A washed up internet troll that still has a huge ego
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Krieg ('war' in german) is my surname

Was a bit younger and used Kriegery everywhere so I just used it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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My name is iPod, cuz im just retro ballin B)
In all realness though, I chose iPod because music and sfx production is a big passion of mine.

Be Cool. Have Style.
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