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Okay so, I just woke up and now I am writing down what I remember

its long so you might not want to read it.

Thanks for reading... I guess.
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Originally Posted by Crow View Post
Pretty sure this is a thread to say the shit you dream when you sleep, not what you want.

But anyways i once dreamed that i was being chased by this strange man, everytime he would touch me one of my fingers would break until i finally had no more fingers. At the end when he did this with all of the bones in my body he fucking ate me.

I'm no dream expert but I imagine this may indicates fear of an individual, perhaps ever broader on a scale of PTSD.

Could just be a a disjointed dream the product of an active imagination, but seems too sinister oof.

Most of our memorable dreams come from the REM cycle of sleep, usually have to do with the brain dealing with the happenings of life. Your mental state will often be represented in dreams.
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merrily merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream

-The moment when dreams have influence on your "real life" make them not so unreal anymore, but your rl is like unreal, what if the soul is wandering constantly ? Ain't we all just choosing our character within this world to learn ? imagine we are all on a pilgrim travel, choosen to have existance in this room and time while we exist also somewhere else to watch ourselfes fall and uprise.
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Some dooms day stuff. I have a fear of MASSIVE objects, but also a fascination of it.

The color pallet was an ivory cream white for the walls in a gold art deco design.
It appeared to be a subway hub that had a large mall attached to it facing the open ocean.
Sitting on probably a 20, maybe 30 feet wall above sea level as the waves increased.
Standing on the wall hands gripping the railing in front with the entrance to the hub that lead down a flight of stairs of about 15 steps with and landing and another 15 stepes to the main doors to the hub behind my back watching what appears to be a Black Spire miles off in the distance.
The clouds were varying shades and colors of greys and dark blues with lightning every few seconds followed by thunder and turning into super cells at this point moving at unrealistic speeds, not too fast though, but just noticeably faster then average.
The sea receded when a blue beam of light from the thick clouds hit the spire at a 90 degree angle.
It pulled millions of tons water up into the clouds towards and above the spire then let it all crash down in a controlled manner.
The waves were Deep Impact looking, I died being crushed in fear and awe. Didn't wake up, but instead repeated the moment starting a second before the blue beam happened and I retreated into the hub this time only last seconds longer, before waking up.
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Get ready for some nightmare shit

Me and 2 of my friends were walking in the woods - we looked much older then normal, about 20 years old - as we were walking the sky was getting darker and it started to get colder aswell. After walking for a while in silence with us having eyes all around our heads - not literally - we found a tunnel, similar to a rabbits tunnel but much bigger and I crouched and said should we go in? And one of my friends replied with a fuck you but as soon as he said that he crouched down too and wobbled in. It was pure dark and all we could feel was moist dirt and roots however after around 30 minutes of pushing through the tunnel we started to hear drums but they weren’t normal drums, it sounded like something was on top of the drum and they were beating it, but we decided to move on cautiously and we began to see light. As it was getting brighter and brighter in the tunnel the tunnel split, when we were deciding which way to choose the drums stopped and all we could hear was silence, not for long as one of them shouted they’re there! So we sprinted fast, extremely fast while being exhausted the tunnel split again but this time my friends told me that they know where we are and that the tunnel to the left leads to an abandoned building near my house. They stayed and I ran. Ran faster and faster until, I realised it was a dead end. Shortly after I heard screaming and shouting of my friends and people running in my direction so I took out a knife and slit my throat.

Also what aussiecunt said is partly true.
This dream scientist person at my school said this, “when you’re dreaming you should try to remember what you were feeling like in that dream, where you scared? Happy? Or even angry all of that could link to the events that happened in your life recently”

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I recently had a dream where lizard people were taking over the world and enslaving mankind. So what did I do? I got stoned with my best friend and we told jokes about how shitty humanity is/was.
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First Dream I'm writing down. It's weird I know but I might as well share it, not really good at keeping my thoughts to myself so here we go.

The GF I never had

I know it seems pretty short but most of my dreams are but to me it felt like an eternity. It might sound corny which it is but honestly it felt like a small part of my life was missing once I woke up.
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SO basically this is when I was young

I was in this black and White House and nobody was there so I said hello and heard something up stairs so I went to look and I saw my friend hunching over and I called his name and his neck cracked and his head was looking at me so then he ran towards
me then I beat the shit out of him but when I woke up I was in my bed curved like a ball with my pillow in Munich mouth.
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last night I had a dream where I thought of this AMAZING song that was a hit with everyone I shared it with, when I woke up I forgot everything about it and I DESPERATELY tried to recollect the memory of it

I couldn't and now my day is ruined
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Originally Posted by 16bars View Post
First Dream I'm writing down. It's weird I know but I might as well share it, not really good at keeping my thoughts to myself so here we go.

The GF I never had

I know it seems pretty short but most of my dreams are but to me it felt like an eternity. It might sound corny which it is but honestly it felt like a small part of my life was missing once I woke up.

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