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Event Squad: Quality or quantity?

Inspired from this thread, would people prefer quality or quantity? Similarly to Ele I have noticed a lack of events and would like to see more.
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Quality personally, having lots of events at the same time and consistently gets boring. Teasing stuff and giving people time to wait makes the events feel even better. Can't really complain about in-game events though, Blur has had a decent amount of events in-game, I just think some mods aren't fun enough in-games.

The only thing that annoys me from Icky's post is him saying the ES have lifes. I've heard the same shit from different people who have a role in the community (not only in Toribash but other games also) which kind of annoys me. We know you got lives so we know how it is but the excuse is overused too much. The rest of the points that he made were very relevant and I understand them.

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Most Event Squad members have the duty to make good events weekly.
I mean, that's what they are supposed to do.
I feel that they focus on neither. We have heard no recent news on any good events.
We also haven't had a new event in months from what I have seen on the board.
What I am trying to say is that I know it may not be easy to think of creative events, but you volunteered to do so.
If it was so easy we would have way more people making good events.
Which is why event squad is a thing, a "special" group with creative minds to create awesome content.
Which they are currently not doing.
Overall I think quality is the best way to go.
Although with a full team of Es, I do not understand why creative events aren't coming out every week or two.
I kind of scatter brained and went all over the place but I think you get what I am saying.

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Actually, I prefer quality over quantity. If you asked why, it is basically because it is more fun to do something that is extra-ordinary or kind of not really a thing that usually we do in daily toribash basis. When there is this 'fun' aspect, people would likely be more attracted towards it, or in this case, towards the event.

There is a limit to human's imagination so I think it is kind of natural if there are times when there are so many of events, and times when there are only a few of events. It's all about the balance, I think. So people can be hyped out because of events in just 'some' times, not like everytime, which is kind of sad, since most of them are only looking for the prizes, not the experience or the fun of the event itself.
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i have just came back recently from a year-long hiatus(possibly longer), and the last event that i saw were going on was the halloween head texture event, and i haven't noticed any other event other than dead man walking(i mean i don't even participate in this event too to be fair).

now i don't understand the context of how often the events should be coming, but judging by the replies of the original thread, there should be at least an event running per week, surge even said the ES should host an event 3 times a week each, now i assume the events they should be hosting is minor such as tourneys or something along the lines of the dead man walking which is relatively simple how it is run, HOWEVER, 3 events a week for an ES sounds inhumane for me(FOR ME, A LAZY PERSON) and considering the number of es that we have, there would be more than 20 events a week which is overwhelming for a community this size, it also makes it hard to come up with an original event.

now to come back to the original topic, i barely participates in any event, but these events sound so much like a big deal to you guys it's giving the ES an extra problem to think about(i know it's their job and they're lacking but the complaints are coming in harder than they should be)my opinion is you all chill out, there still will be events coming, i'm sure the ES also put in consideration the amount of events that should be going on where it would neither bore you guys out with a lack of events for an extended period of time nor overwhelm us with back to back events, we just gotta chill and let them do their job, simple as that, let them plant and grow the trees then take the fruit from them.

TL; DR: probably the ES are taking their time to cook up something, or just taking a break. Both is fine, really, since they gotta eat and shit just like all of us do and there's always gonna be an ES doing his job. so quality or quantity doesn't matter as long as they know what they are doing and can find a balance between both.

mind you that i barely came back from a long break and i came in this matter with little understanding of the context so i might be all around the place but please correct me if i'm wrong

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i'd disagree with you guys; quantity is more important to me. imo if there aren't a lot of events - as there are rn - the game gets boring and people end up giving up (see: the constant decline of the size of the playerbase). i know for one i'd rather not wait around for "big" events that i'll most likely end up getting eliminated pretty quickly and being disappointed with the event (see: dead man walking)
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Instead of answering your question, what I written down below turned into ,,tips for ES", so eh, sorry for that, but it remains relevant. To give more of a solid answer, I will just say ,,both quality and quantity, and here is how".

The problem with bigger events is that they are hit or miss - for both community and the ES team. The amount of work some of them require is staggering (case in point, Battle of classes from couple of years back we ran when I was still part of the team - you could easily spent several hours counting the duels down, controlling who dropped out when or if he's still playing, answering questions from the players and all that jazz - it was a chore).

As Icky pointed out, November is usually ,,less interesting", given it is a month between Halloween and Christmas, with holidays and exams for some people. However, as good of excuse that it, it is not enough. Hosting groups are prone to the chronic short sightedness when it comes to HR - events are being planned some time ahead but people to run those events or just doing the groundwork (in-game hosting, support coverage, in-game presence) are disregarded. For example, the current recruitment - good decision, of course, but one taken too late - most of the work that needs to be done will still fall on the current members of the team, as trials have to learn first (unless, of course, you manage to headhunt some experienced old-timers). Of course, there is also an issue of potential - there are times at which getting decent people for the people is difficult. Therefore, it should be crucial to keep a shortlist of good candidates and check on them, whether they stay active in the community or not, so you can get them in relatively quickly. Disregarding people that could have made it but didn't due to other people being recruited instead, as soon as the newest drive is over, doesn't work.

On the other hand, the concepts for Halloween and Christmas events are pretty well established, by the work of my and earlier generetions of staff. Improvements have to happen, of course, but it is not much of a stretch to expect something from the team in-between those two periods of time, as the base is pretty solid - therefore, quantity outside of the preperations for Christmas is important, especially with the in-game stuff.

I do recall the ,,how to host/do forum events" threads and guides in ES HQ we made being relatively well put together - perhaps you could expand on those, if you haven't already, into the realm of quick to prepare ,,instant" events - simple stuff that a willing member of the team could do almost on the spot, by changing some variables in the thread and posting it as is, with less jaw-dropping prizes and short deadlines (f.ex. up to 5 days). That would create a certain dynamic in the events board, changing it's sorry state in between the big events.

Another thing I conceptualized but didn't get to introduce and implement when I was still in the team, was a think-tank for the creation of forum events. Such group would consist of ex-staffers and active memebers of the community, interested in helping out. Certain level of discretion would be recquired, not to spoil the contents of the discussed events too soon, however without any mind-blowing recquirements to actually join the group, with the exception of the memeber limit at given time - up to 10 people. The group would operate in a special board, but without access to any staff boards, as it isn't needed and would only make a possibility of some leaks more likely. Their aim would be to create and prepare [PROP]s of interesting events, that a member of ES could take and host without having to conceptualize it him/herself - taking some load off the ES (some people, while good at in-game hosting, can't for the love of them sit down for 30-40 minutes and write down an ok-ish event [PROP]).
Inactive people would be removed quickly, making place for the new ones. Such ,,database" of possible events would come in handy in situation such as the current one.
Staff would obviously oversee the group, giving CnC, giving ideas, sometimes letting the group know in what direction to look, as events of this or that theme might be happening in the future, but for the most part they would simply do their ,,job" by coming up with ,,hosting-worthy" and ,,hosting-ready" events, widening the hosting possibilites for the ES. Of course, if an event created by the member of the group was used, all the people that worked on it would get their due credit in the event thread.
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Wow you guys write a lot.

I'm going to say this. Honestly it just seemed like a bunch of excuses for not fulfilling expectations in the community.

Say you work in a job that requires you to make a certain amount of, idk, crates every day.

If you fail to meet to expected quantity, you don't go tell your boss, "oh. Do you want quantity or quality?"

Now I know this is volunteering blah blah blah, but it put a sour taste in my mouth to see reasons why they couldn't do it rather than how they will improve.

I wish they had more active members tbh.
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They already said that this time of the year is busy. Alot of people are preparing for Christmas and some are having school exams, So idk why you guys are still talking about it
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They should get some more diversity in ES then xD

Not everyone celebrates Christmas or has exams at this time. Even then, those with dedication can make time.

I'm in finals week and gunna be in Puerto Rico all Christmas break but I am still gunna be making my webcomic story and junk.

Honestly things can happen if people want it to. It isn't impossible and it doesn't apply to everyone.
Meh. I think I need to quit toribash for a bit.
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