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Old Jan 2, 2018   #1
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CHOOSE a PILL thread

i'd go with the money, wish and flying pills which pretty much would set me for life

i was thinking of taking the future one instead of flying but where's the fun in knowing what's going to happen


BIG EDIT: wish pill has been removed for being too powerful and being able to create many loopholes

now with that out of the way id go with money, flying and painproof so id be like a rich superhero

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Painproof, Money, Wish Pill
I can basically do anything I want :P
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Death pill sounds useless to me

I'd take a pill to grow a brain on my head
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Old Jan 2, 2018   #4
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drug money n wish

i wouldnt need to worry about anything, if anyone close to me got sick with something or anything, just use wish. no real point for sex and disease immunity if you can just use wish and get healed from your current ailment. the drugs would keep me calm if anything (not a lot) would make me stressed or w/e
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Old Jan 2, 2018   #5
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I was thinking future pill would be fun and remove the need for the money pill, but then I'd be afraid of seeing things happen that are bad and fall into trying to prevent them but then that being impossible since it's predestined.
Still though, probably future pill.
Then probably wish pill because it's so open ended.
Then I was tossing up either disease or sex pill. Disease pill would also give immunity to stds but considering I don't get sick much as it is I'd probably go sex pill. But sexual attracting seems like such a waste of a use of a pill. So 3rd one would probably be painproof pill.
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Old Jan 2, 2018   #6
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sex drug and rock and roll pills
or wish pill so i can wish myself into a good guitarist
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Old Jan 2, 2018   #7
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wish pill is pretty broken though you could wish for things like teleportation or being immortal so pills like painproof or flying seem a bit shitty compared to that
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Old Jan 2, 2018   #8
oh yeah
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Wish pill is a no brainer, then disease pill. Then I would pick fly pill just for fun.
oh yeah
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Old Jan 2, 2018   #9
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wish pill
wish for like everything i want

disease immune pill
dont want to die from something horrible

fly pill
flying would be cool

and the wish pill is like the best but doesnt mean u can wish to be invulnerable because that is part of the painproof and disease immune pills and you cant wish for things with other people
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Old Jan 2, 2018   #10
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Painproof, wish, and death pill.
Death pill because it would be nice to eliminate obstacles when they arise, except people might think i'm cursed or something.
Painproof seems the most useful in everyday life for aesthetic reasons, plus it would mean i could do repetitive tasks for much longer without damaging my body. And also means i wouldn't get hospitalized for long periods.
Wish pill would get me able to time travel and see all past and future performances of music, that sounds really appealing to me. And i'd probably summon an orchestra of pink elephants playing stravinsky.
The other pills feels like cheating. The sex/money pills might take away the meaning of life, leaving you even more depressed. I like the drug pill, but ultimately it probably wouldn't be good for you to be on brain enhancing drugs or caffeine all the time.
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