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Originally Posted by 8OJ4N View Post
Idk how it is on NA cluster, but I've played this game for 2.5 years, maybe three, finally the amount of frustration of idiotic teams on EU cluster made me to give up, delete game and never play it again.

Game was ok for most of time, but afterwards it became unplayable because teamwork in random games went from 50% to zero! I never was interested in clan battles, and some swear to me that is where WOT really shines, but as an avid 'grinder' I lost all my nerves in random games lol.

That, and very poor balance with power creep and SF tanks they have added to the game (German auto-loader with a cammo of a predator and burst of shells that can kill two damaged tanks of same tier in one clip, yeah, riiiight, at least it doesn't have any armor, but fuck armor when they still have ghost shells like they had during a beta, and small damage rolls or penetration with no damage to keep noobs alive, especially when they have 5-10 HP left)

And I won't even talk about cheat mods of the WARPACK and how when you talk about it on their forum you get a ban almost instantly because, hey, there are no cheats in WOT and it's Stalinist Russia and if you talk what they don't want to hear - to gulag with you! XD

Sad, considering I had a full garage of tanks, premiums and at least 60 mil creds and I really liked the game... :{

P.S. KV is till Op as long you know to angle yourself, although every noob now shoot gold so...

Also, I laughed at this post. It's really funny since from 2011 till now they have around 60 mil of players and shitload of money. No one expected that.

The game's a lot more tolerable now. Matchmaking has been improved basically every patch, it doesn't feel particularly terrible now. As far as "Cheat" mods go, they do a far better job of banning offenders, while till keeping it relatively secret.
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Machmaker improved every patch? Lol. Are you copying stuff from their portal? XD

One side can still have like 2 or more tier X tanks than other, and your team can have more tier VIII than tier IX tanks, when you combine this with no skill machmaker you get battles that ends in first 3 min, with one side steamrolling the other, results like 15-2, 14-5, 15-5 are more common now. Only thing they have done was setting tier spread to 2 (so no more tier V meeting tier X tanks lol)

They have added individual missions and destroyed the last percent of teamwork game had in random. Now everybody is for himself, doing the missions and not really caring about win or lose. This wouldn't be to bad if you could skip random battles all together, but you can't since you need to play them to grind Xp and money for new tanks.
OR you can PAY and skip it. XD

As for that banning thing... Only way they can know you are using Warpack cheat mod is if you are stupid enough to post a screenshot from the battle you have played or to brag around to wrong ppl. Guy from our community took the cheat for testing in another acc, used it for 3 months. And what? Still not banned, his acc safe and check this out: He shown the screenshots on our part of the forum, wrote the big critique how they do nothing at all to stop this with examples and showing what advantages you have when using that mod etc.

He was banned for 15 days, his other acc with that mod was banned for 30 days. No other penalty. He could basically just wait it out and continue to play with Warpack.

And to be honest, all put aside about bad teams and power creep, that was the last straw that turned me off playing WOT, the cheats. Because they really can't do shit about that problem. Absolutely nothing.
And if you trust their propaganda then... What to say, keep playing and live in your fantasy bubble.

You know how many WOT veterans that I know from beta, friends that started to play with me few years ago is still playing WOT. ZERO.
And not because they got bored of the game... On the contrary, we all loved the game very much.

But, this will not concern them much because new ppl are still opening accounts due to TANKS (because, lets face it, everyone like to drive tanks) and they are getting huge piles of money from those that play clan wars and have to un-mount modules for gold, train crews etc (and also: everybody shoot gold in clan wars, and gold is expensive, so they have a permanent cow for milking there).

Just look at this and you will understand the current sitaution with that game:

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just want to see if anyone still plays this, want people to toon with lol

my ign in elimcfly on NA
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