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Kazama Belt
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Clan: GeTSuM


This page is only here to hold informations about the clan.
GeTSuM is invite only.
We are a mainly ingame based clan.
This page is still under construction.
Our Clan has NO bank. We do not need any of that.

We came to earn respect and take the victory on our side.
We fight for what we desire.
We do not forget nor forgive.
We love to fight you.
Come and get some!


- reach official status
- rank #1 in clanlist

Do not fight a clan solo if you do not know your chances of winning.
Do not betray our clan by leaving us in the dust. Once out, forever out.

none yet..

[20:47:04] <hampa> send me 10000 tc and I name the kid after your account
[20:56:22] <Cobra> You've sent 10000 TC to hampa.
[20:56:41] <hampa> Cobra, a very manly name
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Maybe never.
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Clan: Originals

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:D Icky
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Clan: All Stars

Ohooh gl cobra
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Naisu GL Cobra
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Clan: Team ICA

Dennis, what about ravegang?
beedadome4: there was this toribash police named seth he was an a ******
need help? PM Hattersin
fred sucks mega-dong :^)
Cool kids club
Yeah, I am the real Fred, from Icky's signature
replay thread thing varför tycker ogge om potatis så mycket?
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