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[Stoners] New recruitment thread!!

Ok here is how we will go about doing this.
our only requirements are blue belt and up and 25k or below in rank
I would like some what of a little bio on yourself, interests, how often you play, what you can or would like to do with the clan, so on and so forth.

post your application here, if you may not meet the requirements, feel free to post anyways and if i like you i will pm you and personally test you. thanx
A Leader of (Stoners) click Here to apply


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ok i play every day pretty much, i am blue belt plz accept me to your clan thx i wil be good and fight with people in it. thx so much
oh also i might pay you some tc

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Dear [Stoners] members I regret to inform you, but I am leaving the clan I am sorry. I'm moving over to a clan called [Decap] a clan me and my friends have been thinking about for months. But since i'm leaving your clan for another clan when I get some more tc I will send it straight to your bank once again sorry.
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Br0hug asked me to post these. :T
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special K for breakfast

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A homeless guy stole my Belt
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Aplication to the Stoners
Hi. I am A brown belt and play this game mainly on two different mods: twin Swords and jousting.
I would love to join your clan. Also I can give you some of my TC depending on how much you need for me to get to true Stoner.
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Clan Application
I am a 2nd Dan Black Belt my rank is 7733
I like skating i play some what most of the time and i like this play because i have played against some of the players and they are awesome, i like the title stoners i think thats cool.
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Old Jan 2, 2014   #7
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Hey guys I'd like to apply for this clan
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Old Mar 20, 2014   #8
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then apply
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Old Apr 2, 2014   #9
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Request Form

I am GhostXWolf, And I am always active, unless I am very busy which is almost never.
I am currently a blue belt,
and mainly want to join because Omega and me are really good friends and he
will vouch that i am pretty skilled,
(we met in a tournament) I also hope I can grow with this clan,
and succeed it's ranks.

That's about it, Peace!

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Old May 11, 2014   #10
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Hey my name is 0w3n
I'm a blackbelt and play all the time.
I'm a true stoner so i figured this clan would be perfect.
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