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Old Oct 18, 2014   #11
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Im 14 and a brown belt that's about to be black and i have been playing for three years (on and off). I play about every week and i want to join this clan cause well... i have fought some off the players in it before and i feel like i can have potential to make it better.
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Old Jan 1, 2015   #12
10th Dan Black Belt
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Clan: Elite

I'd join
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Old Jul 20, 2015   #13
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Join Date: Jun 2015
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I am a blue belt and I play mushu wush and judo I play a lot and spend a good amount of time on the forums
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Old Aug 11, 2015   #14
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Hello, my name is Powergrid12 or my real name is Drake. i absolutely loove this game and gaming all in itself, I am also an aspiring athlete, I am in Track and Field, Basketball, Soccer and Baseball. im on mostly everyday for a few hours at a time. i hope you accept me, also I love sparring and parkour. as well as boxshu mushu. I look foward to meeting everyone.
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Old Oct 11, 2015   #15
3rd Dan Black Belt
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I'd really like to join, so here's a rap.
I wanna get this clan, on the map.
420BongSquad, that's my name.
Tryna' stay humble, but I'm good at this game.
Confidence is key, and my belt is blue.
You should see me when I play ninjutsu.
I have no life, so you'll see me here a lot.
So yeah hey, just give me a shot?

One more thing, I forgot to say.
I got 3-4k, headin' your way.
As in the StonersBank of course.
Money might be the greatest resource.
And one last thing, I'm not tryna' be brash.
But maybe we should call it the StonerStash.
Giselle is my name, and I suck dick for fame. I only like Pussy, so I don't fuck with dudes. But hey I'm a slut, so PM me for nudes.

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Old Sep 13, 2017   #16
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I play everyday I can the only time I don't play is when I can't which is very rare I am a blue belt but have been trained by a 6th Dan black belt and I would really like to join
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