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Old Sep 12, 2017   #361
Junior Member
Brown Belt
Join Date: Aug 2017
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Clan: Nitro

^ Hey Goku

With my Robstar12 account I lost the pass.

With Robstar1234 and Angelonex_V I didn't like the names and couldn't afford to change it

I've been in Thief, Lucky and some ones that Brayden made.

[P.S. when I was in Thief and Lucky I was on my Angelonex_V Account]

Thanks for accepting me everyone.
I should also add that I left Thief because it died when Malf left for a bit and as Brayden said I didn't really fit in when I was in lucky.
Us White People Ruined Dabbing

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Old Sep 12, 2017   #362
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Black Belt
Join Date: Sep 2017
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Clan: Forgotten

Hi my name is TheForgetFul
I want to join this clan because no one else accepts me and this clan has lots of nice people
i live in america
my GMT is NE(north eastern time)
im 12
i play: Spar,Parkour
im very active
and yea thanks if you accept me
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Old Sep 13, 2017   #363
Space Walken
God Belt
Join Date: Jun 2015
Posts: 1,015
Clan: Nitro

You have a low belt, no post count, you joined this year, application is extremely short.
@TheForgetFul, denied.
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Old Sep 14, 2017   #364
2nd Dan Black Belt
Join Date: Jan 2015
Posts: 97
Clan: All Stars

Re App
Hello All Stars. Its me Eviltorified. I would likely to join this clan.

About myself:
Once Again i am Black Belt(PLATINUM TIER)i become rank 61(doesnt matter) But i forgot to matchmake more. I am 15 Years Old. I live in Philippines. My GMT is +8hr. Im very active in forum cuz i do overnight as always. If i would rate my ACTIVENESS hehe it would be 9.5/10.

Life in Toribash:
ConCon knows me as Dan Victor Lofranco irl(YOUTUBE). In Toribash i always train myself almost everyday in sparring and Parkour. Since Shikkumo trains me alot. I'll show you my difference between before and now. If i were in All Star clan. i'll try to be your best replay maker. BUT! not only that also i'll try to be your best player(im afraid of wars, but i still do it.).
Aside from Sparring and Parkour. i'm also active doing aikido things. And i suck at judo sorry.

My Clan Before:
I were in a clan called "SINNERS". But i leave cuz its very inactive and also. The leader is banned too. But i won't let that happen to All Stars.


Theres my old replay (SACRED monkey.. I hate it alot) i post before, to see my difference.
Attached Files
File Type: rpl Eviltorified - The Escape.rpl (3.61 MB, 0 views)
File Type: tbm Highrise_Rooftops.tbm (30.9 KB, 0 views)
File Type: rpl Eviltorified - Sacred Monkey.rpl (303.3 KB, 1 views)
File Type: rpl ePic Comeback (no rusty no more).rpl (937.6 KB, 2 views)
File Type: rpl Self Spar Nyeh Part 3.rpl (1.07 MB, 2 views)
Bored? You want Replay? Welp i have a shitty replay thread
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Old Sep 14, 2017   #365
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10th Dan Black Belt
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Clan: All Stars

Posted for discussion Evil

@Evil, accepted, welcome on board!

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Old Sep 19, 2017   #366
Space Walken
God Belt
Join Date: Jun 2015
Posts: 1,015
Clan: Nitro

We are currently full. There are no spots open as we have a total of 50 members. So any applications currently in discussion or beyond this point until some members are removed will be put on hold.
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Old Sep 23, 2017   #367
:D Icky
6th Dan Black Belt
Join Date: Dec 2016
Posts: 2,097
Clan: All Stars

Lets apply guys!We got free slot
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Old Sep 24, 2017   #368
8th Dan Black Belt
Join Date: Feb 2015
Posts: 161

Hey All Stars ! I want to be a Star too !
Why do I wanna join this clan ? Why noy guys ! And there are some guy i know in it so ye Why not !

My name's Damien , im 13 , i'm from France , my GMT is +1
I have 1 brother and no sisters (whut ? no one care about that ? rip)
I can Speak French and Inglish
I'm a men

my favourit anime is Shingatsu Wa Kimi No Uso
My favourit food is the burger !
my favourit artist is Avici

I like drawing on paper and im pretty good at that , ima share an artwork i did at school soon

I'm pretty good in game , not a pro , but just good
I play Abd , parkours , random , sometimes boxshu and rarely spar.
My last clan was (Decap) , it was a good clan but inactive so i left if after 2 months , i was in (By) too , but due of a ban i got , the leader deleted the clan...

Do i have to say anything else ? doing a joke ? adding porn links ? replays ?
Tell me

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Old Sep 24, 2017   #369
3rd Dan Black Belt
Join Date: Jul 2017
Posts: 56
Clan: ecchi

Hello AS Members !
I'm Ceytune and I would like to join your clan.

First of all, i'll take about myself:
I'm 15 years old
I am Canadian.
I live at Quebec.
I speak french and english.
My GMT is -5
Toribash is my favorite game.
I'm very active on forums and in-game.
My favorite TB artist is FlyingMonk >.>

Toribash experience:
I'm currently rank 6.
My main mod is Boxshu.
I'm very good in Boxshu and ABD.
My last clan was Echo, I was the leader but I think that role isn't for me.
I like to do wars with my clan and host events.

I hope you guys will accept me, have a good day.

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Old Sep 24, 2017   #370
8th Dan Black Belt
Join Date: Mar 2017
Posts: 4
Clan: Chivalry

Recruit me
Name :Gustavo araujo

Nickname: dead4your

When i started:january of 2016

Years: 12


Best mods :Lenshu,Aikidobigdojo,taekyon,xspar,aikido and boxshu

Belt : 4 th dan

I lose so many accounts, i think if i not lose my accs i would a 10th dan,i get tc ez,i like this clan,i really want to enter in this clan, sorry for that bad english
and I LIKE WAR,im my last clan i got kicked,i like mad replays,xspars,i like dogs , i hate cockroach,i like to help ppl

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