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Old Sep 9, 2017   #161
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Really appreciate the hospitality and sympathy with all you fellas, still haven't found a place to live at yet just bouncing around here and there, once I'm back on my feet and gained those foundations again I'll sure as hell be back deep into the community and it's people, cheers for everything boys, love ya Brishan you're doing me proud with your determination, stay strong homie ❤��
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Old Sep 12, 2017   #162
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Hello,I'm VoidSpace7/Angelo. I would like to join your clan because i met some members ingame and they were very skilled.Also the clan thread is very,very well organized.The mods that i like to play are:aikidobigdojo,aikido,boxshu_mushu and judo.I also like making replays in singleplayer.

Thanks for reading.
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Old Sep 14, 2017   #163
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Well, you just duel scammed soooooo....


Just came to my attention that our discord got deleted. Dont know who was maintaining it, but I've taken it upon myself to make a new one. Sorry for the Delay. New link in the our forum where the old one was.

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Old Sep 17, 2017   #164
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Not sure if anyone even checks this anymore, but I'm warring so hop into /cwar.
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Old Sep 18, 2017   #165
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Much love litre, ill hit you up on facebook my man. My boats a similar shape to Litres atm, altho, need to spend alot of time at a mates for work, I cant possibly keep my activity as high as I used too, and I apologise.

Anyone feel free to leave the clan if you it is not the place for you at this point. I will continue to pop in every week as much as I can
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Old Sep 30, 2017   #166
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Quite tempted to do a purge of anyone who hasnt been online in the last 2 weeks, and start a recruitment server just so we can get more active members. If Decap is gonna live, we gotta actually play the game.
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Old Sep 30, 2017   #167
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Eyyyyy am back ! How are you guys
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Old Oct 2, 2017   #168
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Sup Nope, long time no see. Perfect timing too because I'mma do the purge on like Saturday.

__________________________________________________ _________________

Oh boy. If I counted right, 13 people just went for being inactive for more than a month. The last three who survived got moved up a rank for being active. I dont know which ones were alts though I have my suspects. I probably kicked one or two. 3 people didnt get my PM because they disabled their PM's.

I'll start recruiting tomorrow, but the standard is gonna be pretty low since I just want activity and not skill.

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Old Nov 8, 2017   #169
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I'v found some more time to roll around in toribash. I'll start recruiting and warring again, I don't know what happend to our discord, but ill get ontop of getting that back up asap.

Formal revival incoming. We don't need the bar to be high, we have a good few core players here, simply need to flock to go with it.

Sad to lose members like Nope and Ug but that is my own fault

Edit: Also planning on adding a lot more depth to this clan, will compile a list of personal ad taught moves and lessons. For the members of (Decap) to learn will possibly make a thread for public sharing. Will also retouch the clan story as I planned

Edit 2: Discord link updated, new server live.
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Old Nov 19, 2017   #170
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Ok ok new game ! everybody add 3 words whenever he want and every sentence must start with the last syllable of the last one.lets start !
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