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Old Jul 12, 2017   #21
5th Dan Black Belt
Join Date: Mar 2017
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Clan: Error
Server: EPIC

Hai my ingame username is English10 And my belt is 3rd dan i would like to join the[ABD Team]because this clan is active,respected,and well known.I would also like to join because my friends are in the clan
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Old Jul 12, 2017   #22
Brown Belt
Join Date: Jun 2016
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Clan: MidNite

my application
my username is aymaan125 and I am a blue belt
I want to join the ABD team lead by cat4hbk tested with him
I want to join this clan as I want meet new people and develop my skills as a toribash player, as well as learn new things d=from other players from this clan.
I am regularly active but I will sometimes stop for a bit say I have school tests or im on holiday but I will post a notice when this happens.
I hope you accept my app and I look forward to hopefully joining this clan.

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Old Jul 12, 2017   #23
5th Dan Black Belt
Join Date: Oct 2011
Posts: 215
Clan: glitch_

-Username/Belt : 12388 . My belt is 4th Dan Black Belt

-What team are you applying for? (We have 2 teams as of now, ABD Team, ran by cat4hbk, and Mushu/Boxshu ran by me.) : ABD, tested by cat4hbk. Lost 4-2

-Why do you want to join MidNite? : You see, I can't actually give any reason in particular. I can only say that, I'd like to be in a clan/team with actually nice people by far.

-How active are you? : Active as you want me to be. Somewhere about every day of the week.
Existential Crisis.
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Old Jul 13, 2017   #24
3rd Dan Black Belt
Join Date: Aug 2016
Posts: 79
Clan: MidNite

App Responces
Placapo12 - Accepted
FallenFang - Accepted
ZeGirr - Accepted
SpinKickzz - Denied
Keyo360 - Accepted
FriedMilk2 - Denied
xpressed - Accepted
AvaxRetro - Accepted
Thinkless - Accepted
gbud998 - Accepted
Flagbox - Denied
kanie - Accepted
bawwws - Accepted
Weed - Accepted
SFCS - Accepted
English10 - Denied
aymaan125 - Needs Tryout
12388 - Needs Tryout
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Old Jul 13, 2017   #25
10th Dan Black Belt
Join Date: Jul 2015
Posts: 45

aymaan125 -Accepted
12388 - Accepted both of yall will be in training untill we can help yall get better
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Old Jul 13, 2017   #26
Blue Belt
Join Date: Jul 2017
Clan: MidNite

Machocheez/Blue belt

ABD Team "I had my fighting seen by Cat and I would like to join that team"

Why EAO "I have never invited to a clan, especially not one of this skill. With tips from the members I hope to get into this clan, that way I can move up the ranks and make new friends."

How Active? "Well I spoke with one of the members and I told him how I ranked to blue in only two days so yea I'm pretty active"
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Old Jul 18, 2017   #27
Black Belt
Join Date: Aug 2016
Posts: 0

HEY! im Tdeadmage, Brown belt, i want to join the MUSHU/BOXSHU team, and im super active, i can be afk just for a few hours!
i want to join this clan because i want to met new people and have fun, this clan look to be very rigorous and i like it :P
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Old Jul 22, 2017   #28
King Of The Dead
7th Dan Black Belt
Join Date: Jul 2013
Posts: 888
Clan: Catalyst

Baphomet, 7th Dan

-What team are you applying for? Both, I am able to be competitive in both mods. Preferred ABD

-Why do you want to join Eao?
pranit is here. that's my baby <3
also crooks died and I need an active clan

-How active are you?
on everyday for at least 4 hours. I market and play in game
My dick fell off.
Fear the power of Heaven and Hell
Hail Satan
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Old Jul 26, 2017   #29
Junior Member
4th Dan Black Belt
Join Date: Mar 2015
Posts: 1
Clan: Volt
Server: qa3

Hello, my username is nunonana and I am a 2nd Dan Black Belt.
I would like to apply for the ABD Team. I'd like to join Eao because I wish to join a good clan that is active in Clan Wars and has skilled players. I play Toribash almost everyday.

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Old Jul 27, 2017   #30
Brown Belt
Join Date: May 2017
Posts: 0

my name is pringlezs i am blue belt but three time alt. im on pretty much everyday i want to join because i am raising 8 kids and im a single mum toribash is what i do in my spare time so i need to be a part in the community other than my sons soccer club i can do abd or mushu idc
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