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Clan: The Abyss

(Ab) The Abyss Recruitment Thread

Once there was nothing, a shell of emptiness...
There formed the great of everything; beautiful and ugly.
A fimilar place never forgoten but yet to be remembered, in the same.
An Abyss where all things fall; Living or dead, Of evil and of good.
Walk with us into the Abyss

1.) Respect all the community and ingame rules.
2.) Respect as much as you are given.
3.) No spam or irrelevant posts in the Clan Discussion.
4.) Any problems such as other players, shop, clan, ect., let someone know. If not us, then a GM.
5.) Have Fun.
6.) Be Yourself.
7.) Do your thing.

[x] 5 Active Members
[ ] 10 Active Members
[ ] 15 Active Members
[ ] 20 Active Members
[ ] 30 Active Members
[ ] 40 Active Members
[ x] Become a ranked Clan
[ ] Clan Rank 100th
[ ] Clan Rank 75th
[ ] Clan Rank 50th
[ ] Clan Rank 30th
[ ] Clan Rank 20th
[ ] Clan Rank 10th
[x] 15 k in the Clan Bank
[x] 30 k in the Clan Bank
[ ] 50 k in the Clan Bank
[ ] 70 k in the Clan Bank
[ ] 100 k in the Bank
[ ] Become Official

Previously Achieved Goals 

Clan Discussion Page:
Clan Recruitment Page:

Allied Clans:




Clan Mentor

War Leaders




Theres two different parts of this clan, one for the players looking to war and compete in any clan events. The second is for more casual players, those who would rather spar/trick and make replays. Being classified into one part doesn't prevent you from bringing something to the other. For an example, if your a casual member nothing prevents you from joining a war if youre up for it. Of course depending on where you want to be in the clan, the type of skills and your application will vary a little. There will be plenty of opportunity to move around in the clan, especially once a few more member are recruited.

- IN FREE FORM PARAGRAPHS, give us your name, belt, best mods, about yourself, why we should let you join, and what part or the clan you are applying for. (Competition or Casual)

- A black belt is a blue belt that didn't stop trying. It doesn't matter what belt you are as long as you show that you have the skills necessary.

- As I said above. Tell us why we should recruit you. Advertise yourself, what can you and will you do to climb the ranks and improve this clan?

- Do not join this clan if you know you will be inactive for long periods of time. You will be automatically kicked if this happens.

- Finally, as the rules state. Be a good dude. No one likes an asshole.

- For Casual Applicants: Attach a few replays onto your application or you sparing, tricking, or doing any realism replay you see fit

- For Competition Applicants: You guys will more likely subjected to an ingame trial, but also feel free to send replays of some of your fights for a quicker review. (Replays wont guarantee an invite)

If you follow these rules you'll be sure to get in. If you don't you wont, simple as that.
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Clan: The Abyss


Filthy Casual or Competition - Competition

Belt/Dan - 10th dan black belt

What are you good at? - aikido big dojo and other grappling mods

Why? - Your clan is one of the most stable clan,
i can see this clan going big places in the near future.

Prior Clans -

(Predator - owner)

(S.P.E.C.I.A.L - owner)

(Sixpaths - member 2nd highest distinction)
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Clan: The Abyss

The Abyss is now looking for a new member to join our ranks
this person must be very forum savvy to keep us up to date on the newest things happening in the toribash world please apply at

Thank you very much in advance
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