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(Flawless) Flawless Fighting Group
Welcome to the (flawless) fighters Faction clan thread

Our story: since 2009 when our leader Capt kill made his first profile on toribash he has set out to make a clan with the best fighters from all the main mod types, its taken years of planning and becoming talented at all the main mods but now he is ready to fulfill this goal and recruit toribash's most flawless fighters, this is the flawless fighters Faction,
to contact the leader or other members for recruitment, go here

Our number 1 goal is to rank #1 on the clan leaderboards and we plan on doing that by first fulfilling goals #2 and #3.

Our 2nd goal is to be known amongst the community as a group of elite fighters who are polite, respectful, and respected by every player we come in contact with.

and our 3rd goal is go recruit 5 of the most elite players from each of these mods: greykido, akidobigdojo, boxshu mushu, wushu, mushu, twinswords,
ninjutsu, lenshu, so no matter what kind of war it is we can dominate and be widely known and respected.

1. you must be respectful, meaning

Leader: xCaptKillx
Co Leader:Kia1

The Counsil:

wushu type elites: xCaptKillx, Kia1,

Akido type Elites: xCaptKillx, Kia1

Twin swords Elites: xCaptKillx, Kia1

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EYYY good luck guys I heard kia1 (Dana) is your new coleader!
ally with us and be good as you'll be
PM me
Add me on discord "Thot Eliminator Sokomato#7345"
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thank you
I appreciate the support, let me get things rolling and i would definitely be willing to ally. i look forward to advancing this clan as far as i can and joining you in efforts to do that together.
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