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Dont Hit Below The Belt
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(Next) Next Generation
We hope you enjoy your visit today. Minimum belt is Brown.

Our clans thread/page can be found "Here"
Join us on Discord if you want to get to know us better by clicking "Here"
History & or BackStory 


Aims & or Goals 

Application Requirements 

Any extra information about your self and such can help too, the longer the app, the more we will probably enjoy reading it.
Members of the clan will use the "Discord" app to vote and talk about applications.
Smell like a man, Man.

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Application thingy
Really the only reason i'm even making this is the be the first one to actually make an app :3. Hello my name is Jacob and i'm 14 and i don't go to school anymore because of my "friends" i've been in 15 plus clan's over the time that i've played toribash and i've finally decided that i want to live and die in next no matter the situation you have no reason to believe me and i'll have to show you that i mean it. Besides all that i love playing football i actually used to be on a few teams i spend most of my time watching anime's such as boku no pico and full metal alchemist. Besides football anime i'm really passionate about video games especially toribash. I'm a highly competitive player when it comes to wars and even casual matches.I'm a 3rd dan who's still a little rusty around the edges but i plan on being active about everyday my GMT is -4. I want to join Next because i used to be in wapow with dube i find him to be a very reliable player during wars and a good friend.But i really want to join because i've seen quite a few of you play and how nice most of you are and i want to surround myself with people like that.I play best at Akidobigdojo and Boxshu. I appreciate you taking your time and reading this and for considering my chances of joining.
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Dont Hit Below The Belt
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I'm going to say accepted considering I do know you pretty well and such and i'll trust you on this one my fine friend.
Smell like a man, Man.
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