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New to the game
Its my first time playing my name is Ihsan and I have just started playing this game I would need some help as I am very very bad and new to the game so far i am an orange belt if you guys could give me tips and ideas that would be great and show me how to use things if we come across each other and I will be sure to beat you.
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Hello and welcome to Toribash! If you have questions or need help with something, feel free to contact me via private message or when you see me ingame, I'd be happy to help.

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Welcome! Lol. I’ll have to take you up on your offer sometime ;) If you’re looking to get better there’s tons of different ways to. You can check out tutorials or even use replays to guide you. If your interested, there’s a collective of teachers and students here: Tori Academy. We can all gladly show you the ropes and give you plenty of tips. Otherwise if you are ever confused or need help feel free to get in contact, im around pretty often
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Welcome to the game! I hope you stay forever pm me or find me in game and if i can help i will
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welcome! be sure to enjoy your stay, and we hope it will be a long and fruitful one!
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Welcome to Toribash, there will be anger, tears, stress, happiness, excitement and some days a little bit of everything, the community is an emotional rollercoaster. Have fun k bye
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Welcome to toribash dude! hope you enjoy your stay, don't be too scared of the steep learning curve :>
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Practice a lot and never give up cause that's the best way to master this game
~please whisper to talk ingame.
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