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Old Sep 22, 2017   #1
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Comeback vid, was meant to be a collab but partner got lazy

some of these clips are absolute trash (still rusty)

Song= XXXTENTACION - Xxxanax



Program: After effects cc 2k14
Ep is ded strop tryna revive it you nerds

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Old Sep 22, 2017   #2
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This is really sick dude, the only thing that annoyed me was the black bars at 0:24, I think it's just kinda out of place, but it still doesn't look too bad though, rest of the edit is pure sex.
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Old Sep 23, 2017   #3
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To be honest, the entire bit after the bars just felt right, I don't know what it was other than it wasn't over edited or under edited, it was that perfect middle ground.
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Old Sep 23, 2017   #4
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One thing I don't understand about nowadays edits is blank tori and pretty much the same shader, bright/dark colors pretty much everytime. Onto cnc... sync was fine, very nice vfxs, transitions and camera work maybe a bit too much of that wave fx and some unnecessary camera shakes. One thing that I can really hate on is just the song xD Overall very good edit but not really "original" if you know what I mean, keep improving.
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