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Surge Moderated Message:
Hey everyone, this might be a humorous thread but please make sure that your comments still follow the board rules, I've had to delete multiple posts and it's been less than a day. Cheers.

Rip Shmevin by CJSLICK

Prod. by Bands aka Rickie


i used voice memos on iphone

i know the quality is nut bc i just wanted to see how it sounds
ignore the lip smacking
lemme know what u think of the lyrics

jaunt isnt finished

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untitled unmastered
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I Really Like the part there you said He Lost 1k TO Shockey (Wow that really sucks.) but you should make it MORE Specific. 1k Usd or 1k Tc? Other than that it's pretty cool (NERFPLS STAMP OF COOL)

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bruh this heat

I am a fan of your rapping, the way you do it makes it almost sound like you're sarcastic, and that takes talent probably. What a master. You need to work on volume though, your vocals are kinda quiet ngl so fix that and I'd enjoy it more.

Also you should increase the sound of the lip smacking because it is very original.
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This is some true fire. Go ahead and get some professional music equipment and actually edit the track and your vocals into one thing and not play the music in the background. Would definitely sound so much better.

Also finish this out, make it longer and just keep the diss going. Love it. Shoutout to my boi itemp
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"boi. bye"

greatest ending to a song ever

i know u don't wanna mess with ur neighbors or ur mum and get noise complaints but boi

you need to pull an XXXTentacion on the track and scream ur lungs out pLs
also love that lowkey weaboo pimp profile
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I like the way u prononce those letters start a carrer in rap pls
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tbh you went gay on the beat

I think you might be a homo

the beat was heat (as always bands)

boi bye is just too much for me amigo

but nice job rhymes fit and stuff.

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arms wide open

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Talk louder asian boy i cant hear you over that sick beat gj bands

Boi bye
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ye its fire but its a bit short, you going to add to it?

I think you should add to it and maybe say some more stuff before the beat drops
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