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Ahaha I tried. Still learning. Gimme Feedback.
I'm in a digital graphic design class in high school. We use photoshop.
Ive been in the class for about a month now. These are my highlights. None of
these are my original artworks or photographs. If you try hard enough you'll
find all the pictures I used. I've added Watermarks to the pictures because
I'm proud of these and i don't want people taking them.
But anyway give
me feed back. What should I add? What should I get rid of? But most
importantly, what should I learn?

The images below are made entirely of other people's photos and art works.

I just photo-shopped them into something else.

The watermarks are there because I dont want people stealing them.

Give me feedback.

Space Text Art

Orb Mountain - Large

Death Birb - Extreme Overload of Large

A whole new world - Also Extremely Large

Final Boss Beetle - Very Large

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Just keep on practicing, and try to make things look less like stickers, some of the things are really bad when looking at a light sources point of view.
Also make sure that things you had have about the same resolution on the background and the added objects, or it'll look otherwordly.
Remember to just have fun, or you'll just drop everything.
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1 Word


You are scaling stuff too much making them blurry as hell.
Use hue saturation and colour scale (both found under adjustments) to stuff you photoshop in fit with the lighting.

Take mooaoaoare time editing them, some mistakes aren't beginner but just sloppy (op of the mountain is sticking trough the orb for example)
Bash my art so I can improve, would love you for it <3
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