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Old Sep 10, 2017   #2141
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im 18 im legal can i join
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Old Sep 18, 2017   #2142
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May I join?
21 years old
OoT Leader
Been playing for bluemin ages
Shorty description - Im german, nuff said
It would be nice to have a place, where majority is a little thing, not that big, but a bit...
Some chilled, respectful place where you can calm down
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Old Sep 19, 2017   #2143
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Originally Posted by pushka View Post
Just read this like

And first that I understood that you wedding a lot and it seems like your hobby

lol yeah its a hobby but im trying to make it into a job XD maybe i will one day
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Old Nov 8, 2017   #2144
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I will be 18 in 5months
Can i be a unoficiall member untill then xd?
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It's just no one usues my shit .
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Old Dec 13, 2017   #2145
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name: Micah
Age: 18
Description: big Chest, Big Sex
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Old Dec 22, 2017   #2146
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hello everyone, i'm glad this place still exists

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Old Mar 9, 2018   #2147

Market Squad

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it's ya boy, turned 18 today. can I join?

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Old Mar 11, 2018   #2148
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I spose so I can join this place now im 18
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Old May 16, 2018   #2149
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hi im 21 let me in
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Old May 16, 2018   #2150
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This is basically dead but not dead lmao.
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