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Ok guys, i'll just share my thoughts for TBNext. (Sorry in advance if something was already been discussed before okay?)

First, i think that simplicity is the key. People may watch TB videos (with a lot of spars, tricks, etc) and then think: " Oh sh** wow thats amazing i want to do that too" Then they just come and... Welp thats not that easy and they just go away because you can't do that - atleast not in the next hours, days or even months? And people are not very interested in spending time and brain like that... Ok and what about something that are more fun and easy to play? I think TB Next could implement and introduce differents styles and mecanism of gameplays all using our Tori. Have you ever played Sumotori, Drunken wrestlers? Or MiniBash?What about all that kind of stuff in TB Next? Where beginners can play it easily and have fun. Controlling their entire customized Toris with keyboard or/and mouse depending on the minigame being played. And what about the current TB mecanism? Well, just make it be known as the "Classic Toribash". Put all that inside Next as "minigames" or whatever (functional games that even let people get some tc to use in the "classic" TB) and let people enjoy it. Newcomers will probably have the curiosity to also play the main "Classic Toribash" game. This could be a new intro to a new world of Toribash with a lot of stuff to play. You don't need to keep the current TB game as a introduction to every newcomer in Next but let them first have some fun with "minigames" that are maybe more fun and easy to play. Later they will try and stay in the current Toribash too or maybe not, anyway, they will be playing something in the world of Toribash. I just think that TB Next needs a different approach.

Ps: I know that isn't easy to make games. So maybe let the community participate on the development of these minigames would be great.
Ps²: With all this text i just mean that would be really nice to have something else to play aside from the normal Toribash.

What do you think?Share your thoughts. Thanks for reading and have a nice day.

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