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Originally Posted by ed View Post
yeah when i tell people, they think its moving at the speed of light. lol

it's not THAT fast, just faster than others. Just comfortable idk.

Its just most people aren't used to using mostly their wrist as movement, I'm assuming you don't use your arm much for aiming. For people that use their have less pinpoint accuracy with moving their arm rather than their wrist, so a high DPI is too fast for them because they can't control it as smoothly as a lower sens
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What's your thoughts on the new CS:GO update?

I personally like the new money system because it makes winning the pistol round less important... I suck at pistols
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this enables a couple more strats.

personally I can see this one being effective for CTs, but probably not practical in pugs.
It can go two ways depending on a win or loss so we're just going to talk about one where you lose.

Full save 1st > win > Force as normal.
Full save 1st > lose > full save again 2nd > 3rd round buy
You can get the awps you need and the util behind them.

I think it would be very beneficial for CTs to do this, again probably will not be to used, but I can see it being very good.

As I said above you can do a more things with less risk of money fucking. It's a good thing, but will take some getting used to. Still, playing like we've always have in the first three rounds will always be valid. So if you don't want to change it up, you don't have to.

The more important change is probably the AUG and SG [money] buff

There is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON to not pick the AUG and SG other than a comfort change and to re learn.

SG vs AK
SG 553
  • $2750
    666rpm (vs the 600rpm AK)
    the scope
    100% armor pen (vs the 77.5% AK)
    more accuracy

Do the same with the AUG vs M4A4/1-S and you'll find the AUG is a better weapon. It can actually one tap at very close ranges.

So in short, it shoots faster and is more flexible with the scope. Still can one tap heads. Only negatives are a very slight longer reload time and you run slightly slower with it than the AK.

IMO $3000 was still a good price where I think people should be using it more often than it was being used. It's a superior weapon compared to the ak-47, the only valid reason to not get it would be that you wanted extra util (smokes/flashes) and that's perfectly understandable. Now there isn't a reason to not get it other than what I said before about getting out of your comfort zone.

Professional meta should shift over to the scoped auto rifles, I'll be somewhat surprised if it didn't.
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i use almost exclusively my wrist but i've been playing with small desk spaces for so long, maybe that's why

i played some matches the other day and the scoped rifles are so good, the spray control does feel very awkward to learn as everyone is used to the ak/m4 so i was tapping/bursting my way to victory
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Can we still sell csgoskins for usd through tb? I remember that being a thing a while back
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Sadly no, afaik.
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